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Your Voice Matters

In June 2021, I was asked to be a speaker at a Sunday church service in Branson, Missouri. My presentation title was "Living A Spiritual Intuitive Life". I used two stories from my book to illustrate how intuition can be helpful to others and ourselves.

Before I left home that Sunday morning to attend the church meeting, I felt a strong intuitive nudge to take a new kitchen dish towel. I had that new dish towel for several months. I liked the towel for the unique design, so I never wanted to use it on the dishes. The towel had images of many human hands of all color. At the bottom of the towel were the words "Your Voice Matters".

As I carried the towel with me out my door to the meeting, I had no clue why I was taking it with me to church! After a few moments into my presentation, I asked for a volunteer to come forward to read two different short stories in my book that would illustrate how following our meaningful intuition can help others.

I chose a man in audience to read. His voice was so beautiful with a deep melodious tone. I even remarked how he should have a career as a narrative reader of books. He was halfway into reading the story when he suddenly raised his hand to signal an emotional pause. The group respectfully held the silence for him while he struggled to share his story.

I finished reading the story while I laid my hand on his shoulder for emotional support. He was calm and smiling as he shared with the group how the story affected him.

For years, he had been a caregiver for his parents. The Friday before my Sunday church presentation, he had final closure with the sale of his parent's house. And just at that moment, my intuition nudged me to hand him the new kitchen towel..."Your Voice Matters."

He cried and cried. He said "Next week, I am moving into my own house! I believe my mother sent this towel as a sign she is here for me as I start my life in my new home." She was there to acknowledge his life has meaning. He deserves his new home. She was saying "Your Voice Matters".

We can choose to live life intuitively every day knowing someone may need our intuitive actions to assure them their voice matters. Maybe we don't need to logically understand. We just go with what we feel intuitively in ourselves is important.

At the end of my presentation, it was clearly obvious why I chose to read a story of a Caretaker's experience.

And the new dish towel, "Your Voice Matters," with lots of hands, the ultimate symbolic gesture from grateful parents who knew their Son used his voice and his hands to care for them. He was willing to speak up for them as long as needed.

He put their life ahead of his for a while.

Let's follow our spiritual intuitive nature. See where it leads us in perfect timing.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor