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Who is the Man in Blue?

I vacationed a few days in Sedona in April of 2013. I had only been awake about two hours when I had a waking vision of a white male in blue laying on the ground or floor. I only had a visual of the knees downward but intuitively I knew it was a white male who was either injured or dead, lying on the ground or floor.

I felt sad and sensed this was a message for someone I knew. I thought of a few people I should text. I did that within the hour which was mid-morning Sedona time zone.

The next morning around the same time of my waking vision I received a call from my Daughter, Kim, who is a Jr. High Counselor in southern Arkansas. She was very busy that week with the school testing. The week of testing is always a stressful time for everyone.

When I answered my phone, she had been crying. The vision I had the morning before of the white male in blue was someone she knew.

The young man who died in the early morning rain 24 hours after my vision was age 25 and married, no children. He wore a blue uniform as a paramedic in the same town where my daughter lived. He died in car accident on a highway just four miles from my daughter's home.

She was very sad because she knew this young man as one of her 5th grade students when she was a teacher in a previous school system. She had spent many hours encouraging him to believe in himself, to work hard for a bright future.

For anyone who has taught school, you know how the students are very special. We love them and see their true potential. My daughter feels very sad for this young man who had his own hopes and dreams. He had found his path in life: serving others in emergency situations.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Psychic Medium