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What is a Spiritual Intuitive Session?

A Spiritual Intuitive Counselor, depending on the level of skill, is able to provide incredible and perceptive insight for the client. The Spiritual Intuitive Counselor may be able to “see/sense/feel/hear/smell” and discern any health issues, or unresolved emotions with significant others in the client's life.

A Spiritual Intuitive Counselor may be able to connect with specific and relevant information for the client that would clarify the past, present, or even future events related to relatives, career, health, finances, trips, etc. This valuable insight is offered the client to make wise decisions based on their readiness to move forward. The client is encouraged to keep a Spiritual Intuitive journal to record the experience, the insight, and rational decisions made after the Spiritual Intuitive counseling session or the Spiritual Intuitive Reading. This is an excellent way to review progress and provide encouragement in times of future growth and change.

This session could involve releasing pent up emotions about the unknown, often with the use of healing touch to calm the client. The client is more confident to use their own perception and Spiritual Intuition to resolve their issues.