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What is a Spiritual Intuitive?

I started working as a Spiritual Intuitive in the mid-1980s. I began this journey at first to heal and balance specific health concerns for personal reasons. I have incorporated all my training and experience into my private practice.

My private practice provides Spiritual Intuitive Counseling. I learned personally and professionally that this is a true path of healing and balance for myself as well as my clients. When used as a “preventative” health care process, the quality of life is more assured. We assist our immune system so that our immune system can support us.

Spiritual Intuitive Counseling uses various therapies directed toward altering the imbalance of your mind, body and spirit. Some of the therapies that I use in my practice are related to use of color, light, sound, meditation, flower essence, essential oil, therapeutic touch, positive affirmation, cognitive thought processing, visualization practice, use of daydreams and dreams in sleep. Clients are taught to utilize their heightened awareness to improve their mental functioning. This skill, when developed, can assist in acquiring information and guidance on many issues facing one throughout life. This information can be practical, rational, and rewarding.

I have come to understand that long term health improvement and quality of life for each person is dependent on their awareness of their own Spiritual Intuitive Self.

I am supportive of Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine combines conventional medicine and complementary approaches with various alternatives yet do not replace conventional therapy. Integrative Medicine is based on a physician-patient partnership in which both conventional and alternative modalities are used to stimulate the body's "natural" healing potential. It is used for managing symptoms, increasing wellness, which is defined as "quality of life and sense of well-being." It is also used to improve upon treatment and care and curing illness in certain circumstances.

It is my goal in my profession to provide my clients with a preventative method as a first response for wellness so that a greater quality of life can be experienced over a longer period of time. And most of all..."to know thyself."

I provide this service through Spiritual Intuitive counseling, and consulting for balance in the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Regarding the Mind and the Spirit, I work with clients who are interested in moving into advanced levels of mental and spiritual understanding that move one toward the intuitive level of one's mind. I believe each human being has the ability to increase that skill more than one might imagine. It is a skill that can be turned into a gift when approached with the three R's: Respect, Rational, and Readiness to do the work.

It is at this point of excellence that one may find a new path through a purpose to serve self and others. One is able to redefine the personal and career goals based on this new information. At this point, integration of all the new information may be a part of forming a new lifestyle that is rewarding for self and others. Each one is participating through sharing their own definition of "integrative medicine, spirituality, and wellness."