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Vision of a Dump Truck

On a Sunday afternoon, I was enjoying a fun time with family members. So it was a weird sensation to me having an Intuitive brief "Vision" and curiosity about a dump truck barreling down the road!

I mentioned this to my family, and no one had any connection about a dump truck "situation".

Three days later I am driving around town for several errands, suddenly a dump truck is driving very fast toward me! As I turned onto a rural highway I seldom travel, there is extensive road work and delayed traffic. School buses were making frequent stops in the highway construction area.

I was shown this Vision three days before I would be driving. The dump truck Vision was a warning to be alert and careful driving on my errands.

Please pay attention to Intuitive guidance for future events.

When I saw the dump truck, I became more attentive to my driving. I'm glad that I did.

Spiritual Intuitive Counselor