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I wonder what you would experience if you could sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe slowly, and in a few moments, when you feel peaceful and centered, visualize a closed door in front of you. visualize a bright light shining through the space around the door frame.

Allow yourself to mentally and spiritually request the door of light to open for you. Take as long as you need to allow the connection with you.

Without judgment on the experience, begin to speak whatever comes through the light into your thought process, knowing this is Divine Consciousness flowing through you, and for you.

When you begin to be relaxed with this experience, turn on your tape recorder, or use that feature found on many cell phones. Record your voice, speaking aloud that which flows through you.

When you have experienced an intuitive feeling, you can end that session, slowly breathing in and out, opening your eyes, and verbally, giving thanks for what you have received.

This is a form of automatic writing which allows you to channel guidance from The Divine.

Or, you can choose to select a comfortable seat, gather a notepad and pen, then when you're thoughts begin to come, write that which flows through you----write the words without judgement or expectation.

In some of my client sessions I have been asked to do this type of exercise for the client who has a list of questions or concerns and the responses flow through me, and not from me. This is Divine guidance flowing through me for the other person who requests that from me.

We are in this world having a human (hue-man) experience. We are so much more. Open the door. Let the LIGHT in....

Verniece, Spiritual Psychic Medium