Kathy Bailey, Mountain Home, Arkansas

"I have known Verniece for several years. From the beginning of our acquaintance it was obvious that she had special gifts. I was managing a restaurant when I first met her. I left that position when I realized it was making me ill due to the stress on the job.

A few days after I left the job, I received phone calls from several of my previous employees. They strongly insisted that I call Verniece. They told me she had been to the restaurant after I had left. They said she provided them with very significant personal information about themselves that they found very amazing. Verniece was doing her 'angel work' even then with them.

In the beginning there were only brief phone encounters and occasional unexpected chance meetings in others places around town for several months with Verniece. It was during these encounters I became thoroughly convinced that I should make an appointment to begin some personal development work with her.

I changed jobs again during that period of time. One day in a session with Verniece I mentioned the stress of the most recent job working in a new restaurant. Verniece told me that she "saw" me working with flowers in a floral shop. When she said that, it was like an epiphany. I gave my notice and began searching for a job with a floral shop.

During this time in my sessions with Verniece, I learned more about her skills and gifts as an Energy Medicine Healer. I had been experiencing health problems for years that had not been resolved. Traditional medicine had been totally ineffective for me. I really disliked the idea of being pumped full of drugs to mask the symptoms.

Verniece's intuitive abilities guided her to select treatments that would be most effective for me. After a series of visits I was making real progress.

During this time, I was looking for a new job with a floral shop in the area. I left my applications at all of the floral shops in the area. The day after my last day at work in the restaurant, I received a phone call and was offered a position with the floral shop starting the next week.

I have been in the same employment ever since. I have now progressed into a job that allows me to express my creative talents through the art of floral arrangements. It has been a beneficial part of my personal growth. Much healing has taken place for myself and others in my life.

Through a series of synchronicities over the next couple of years, Verniece and I came together again in mid-January. This time, we had a chance to have a cup of tea and share about the progress of life and joy in living.

I am now on the Board of the Unity Center of the Ozarks. The church is in the process of purchasing a building for more space and a permanent location. Verniece did not know any of this. When we were visiting she said she would like to offer to present a series of three hour seminars through Unity Center. She wanted to donate the love offerings received through the seminars to the Unity Center. Verniece said this was a way to give back to this church and serve her community.

She had mentioned this the first time in mid-December to another Unity member. When I had the informal visit with her in mid-January, I had already planned to tell her that I wanted to ask the Board if she could present a program at Unity. I was able to tell her later that the Board had approved this and we began making plans. It seems that "Spirit" was working through several of us at the same time to bring about the greatest good for many in our area. She did not know I was attending Unity Center or that I was on the Board.

Spirit was working through her again and I was a part of helping with the process by taking care of the seminar advertising through the local newspaper. And I was also helping with the process of the decisions regarding the new real estate for the Unity Center. There were so many synchronicities throughout the details of the seminar presentations, the new location for the Unity Center, and other people in our community coming together for something that was 'meant to be'.

The first three hour seminar was a great success and many spirit messages were given through Verniece to others there. I was able to stand before this group and share my personal experience in knowing Verniece and how my life has changed for the better.

It would seem that life is full of events everyday that seem to be just a coincidence. But I know that these are really synchronistic events which Spirit has creatively arranged to help us benefit from opportunities that we might otherwise have overlooked or dismissed.

And when Verniece, our very own "Angel Lady" is around, those synchronistic events occur quite frequently! This is because she is guided by Spirit in the form of Angelic Beings that guide her on her unusual journeys to serve others. She is a beautiful, loving, and gentle person who wishes only to help others find healing, peace, and joy in life.

As for myself, over the years, my relationship with Verniece has developed into a beautiful and loving friendship that I deeply treasure."