J. A. in North Little Rock, Arkansas

"At the time I came to Verniece as a client, I had been in therapy for years with two well-respected psychologists and a psychiatrist. I had made a lot of progress. I believe I had an understanding of what to expect from therapy and its practitioners. During the first intensive session with Verniece, all of that was erased! I had an experience with her that I would consider to be worth three years of conventional therapy. I have returned to her over the years when some new issue came up for me.

Each time I went back I had my eyes opened to life-long issues I had never fully understood before. I will never go back to conventional therapy. I am grateful to my earlier teachers and therapists, but I will not dedicate years of drawn-out pain and thousands of dollars to conventional therapy.

It is impossible to describe an experience that is mind-blowing and yet very gentle at the same time. So, I won't even attempt this. This was my experience with Verniece. I suggest that if what you learn about Verniece draws you to try this experience with her, you will never regret it."