C. Messenger, Ph.D. Child Psychotherapist, Orlando, Florida

"In my psychotherapy practice, I often teach children about intuition. They learn how they can listen to their heart to find their own answers. Verniece's great gift is that she has developed an astounding level of intuition. I have watched her grow with it over the years to guide and support others with love and compassion."

A favorite example is the day we were saying good-bye on the phone. Verniece suddenly asked, "What about your pool?" I was befuddled. "What about my pool?" My first response was, "Well, it's fine." She kept prodding me. Then I remembered there had been a bad storm a few days ago. I kept her on the phone while I went to look at the screened area covering my patio and pool area. It had a number of small holes from twigs hitting through the screen during the storm. Verniece urged me to call the insurance company. Next thing I knew, I received a check in the mail for $600.00!

One of my favorite services that Verniece offers is her hand-written intuitive message inside a unique greeting card. I just give her the person's name and their date of birth, and she comes up with the most inspirational message! I have given this gift to friends and family on their birthdays or for special occasions, and they love it! I always get feedback from these people that tell me her intuitive messages were exactly what they needed at that time. It's like giving the gift of "truth"---and this is so easy for me as this is a 'one-of-a-kind' gift from me to others.