Why Eagles?

In 1991, I felt a spiritual "calling out" to move toward a higher vision. My career started on a journey, along with me, to balance myself and the career in mind-body-spirit. Ted Andrews, author of numerous nature & spiritual books, wrote a book entitled "Animal-Speak" which led me to the love of eagles.

From the very beginning of this long journey, I began to develop a personal relationship with Bald Eagles. They appeared in every aspect of my life. They were in my dreams, in my waking life, and in gifts given to me by friends and relatives.

An average Bald Eagle weighs 8-10 pounds. Their nests can expand up to 6-7 feet wide as they add to the structure year after year. They can hatch out 1-3 eggs. Usually 1-2 survive.

They have tremendous control over their powerful wings, gliding down slowly and silently. They can also hover in the air in order to be more accurate.

Eagles have 3-D or binocular vision, just as humans do. That means they can see forward and sideways. Their vision, however, is eight times greater than ours. In fact, a Bald Eagle can see a fish in the water from one mile away.

I began to see how the Eagle represented the level of wellness that I wanted for myself and to be able to help my clients achieve their own mind-body-spirit connection.

It is generally accepted that the Bald Eagle represents the most heroic and divine spirit. Many spiritual and Intuitive individuals are seen as "messengers from heaven" or having the ability to hear a higher level of divine inspiration. This can be shared with others for growth and a higher vision for humanity. This spiritual and intuitive evolution involves a resurrection within the self.

When working with the spiritual healing of the Eagle Spirit, one may find experiences to be extreme and harsh as the personality is evolving. This process allows one to seek out true emotional aspects of oneself. There is a profound shift in one's passion, creativity, healing and spirituality.

To accept the Medicine of Eagle Spirit is to reach upward for a new vision that changes the past, present, and the future.

The spiritual aspect of the self is able to touch all life with healing, respect, compassion and empowerment. This brings to the self a new dimension of life with a greater responsibility for one's spiritual growth.