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Hearing the Sentinel's Voice

"Aura Essence" created by Deb Bergum of Lakeview, AR.

My spiritual understanding of God came through to me at an early age. Living for years in a very traumatic family environment taught me to turn inward and trust what I heard and felt coming to me from invisible forces for my greatest good as a child.

I came to understand this help was from divine forces that gave me a unique spiritual insight long before my thirteenth birthday. This very guidance and paranormal experiences would come to save me from a terrible future.

I made my choices even then based on what I heard from my invisible helpers. My faith in these unseen forces around me was the replacement for the parental guidance I wasn’t getting from anyone in my family. My childhood was so traumatic that when I was sent to an orphanage 100 miles from my home at age 12, I could not recall the name of any school I attended, nor any names of teachers or friends. On the days I actually attended school I was going about my daily school routine in a daze due to family violence and neglect that mostly went unnoticed by the authorities. That is, until I reported this myself around age twelve to social services.

Because of my childhood experiences I had a chance to know God in a very unique and personal way. I prayed to God for help and God heard my prayers. He guided me every step of the way to get me to a good place that provided food, clothing, shelter, and education. My life actually began the day I arrived at the orphanage. I had a chance to get acquainted with 100 other children who would eventually become my real family where I lived until I graduated from high school.

At a very early age I believe I have had true experiences in my life with relatives, friends, and strangers who have passed away and yet would communicate with me in their spirit body. I learned to accept this and I kept this awareness to myself.

In my lifetime, I have attended a wide variety of church organizations. Not once, have I been comfortable enough to share this gift as part of being “myself.” Maybe now in the present day with more openness about paranormal experiences, there is more acceptance of this.

I think there is too much abuse and killing for the sake of religious beliefs that have nothing to do with God. I believe each human being has the right to know God and develop a personal relationship with or without official religious membership. Any group that includes the Holy Spirit in their meeting is blessed.

At an early age the Holy Spirit came to visit me and provided me with the help I needed. This was not inside any religious building. Nor did I have to become a member, and follow a long list of rules from that group. God’s rules for me were very simple and easy to follow. My heart was directed toward God out of love and not fear or punishment. What I felt was that He was loving, wise, and protective, just like a parent should be to their children.

The orphanage became a home, a refuge, and a temple for me. I received adult supervision, education, and spiritual experiences through regular church attendance in the town where I lived and attended public school. I also learned a great deal about what makes up a family. There were 100 children there and we all had different last names. This was where I began to learn about “the family of God.” This was the place that I learned how to belong to a family. The values I developed began in this place. Everything in our daily routine had to be for the greatest good for all concerned. There was a spirit of cooperation and sharing the responsibilities for every aspect of daily life.

The Holy Spirit, or “Great Spirit” as native people say, has always guided me. Because of a very unique early age connection with “Spirit” and my years of searching to know God better, I know what is true for me. If my beliefs or views seem strange or unacceptable to others, it does not mean either of us is wrong in our relationship to God. I know there are many other individuals out there who will be able to relate to my spiritual perceptions because of their own childhood experiences that were similar to mine.

In unique ways God opened our eyes and hearts to see Him in times of deep distress. Maybe our path is to share what we have seen and share the gifts that came from this type of suffering and trauma at an early age.

There are many ways in which we may worship and have a personal relationship with God. Each of us has our own unique way of expressing spirituality in daily life. Some may choose the following: church organizations, time spent alone in nature, a temple, or a monastery. Some might choose to walk alone on a solitary path to know God without group distractions. Some people choose to love and serve God through programs that provide shelter and medical assistance for those who suffer from various ailments.

At this point in my life, I am so grateful I have been able to feel comfortable at last with my own personal spiritual truths and my relationship with God. I have more self-respect because I have the courage to finally “be myself” more openly and be okay with whatever my journey may be.

Because I have been able to be truthful with myself, I have a wonderful opportunity to meet many other people who are a lot like me. Just like me, they were scared to share what they were experiencing with the paranormal in their life. There is freedom in telling your own truth. You just might meet a new friend or someone that feels like “family.”

In my work with others, I am able to meet my client half way without judgment because wherever they are at the time, is right where they need to be while they learn about God’s purpose in their life. I merely help them search for answers on the road to their own destiny. I work with them to develop their own unique intuitive abilities, to increase their self esteem by reducing negative self talk and improve communication skills. I was very fortunate to learn how to respect an individual’s spiritual values very early on in my own life. I understand this as I work with others at this point in my life.

I earned a masters degree in counseling and a bachelors degree in education. I have many years of experience helping others become the best they can be. Now, I am happy to say that I am able to use that experience to assist my clients in fully integrating their personal development in mind, body, and spirit as God intended. (Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor)