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An Intuitive Counselor, depending on the level of skill, is able to provide incredible and perceptive insight for the client as the energy is READ around, through, and beyond the physical body of the client. The intuitive counselor is able to use these remarkable abilities to see through the physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments. It may be much like one seeing the body as in an x-ray only in the real time and real moment of the session. The intuitive counselor may be able to “see/sense/feel/hear/smell” and discern any health issues, or unresolved emotions with significant others in the client's life.

An Intuitive Counselor with high levels of psychic abilities may be able to connect with specific and relevant information for the client that would clarify the past, present, or even future events related to relatives, career, health, finances, trips, etc. This valuable insight or 'second sight' is available for the client to make wise decisions based on their readiness to move forward. The client is encouraged to keep an intuitive journal to record the experience, the insight, and rational decisions made after the Intuitive Counseling session or the Intuitive Reading. This is an excellent way to review progress and provide encouragement in times of future growth and change.

The main difference in Intuitive Counseling and an Intuitive Reading is that in counseling, the client may be ready to work on deep personal issues for a few counseling sessions.

An Intuitive Reading may be a one time session with the client who may want the Intuitive Reading to help them 'see' beyond what is known in the moment due to a disturbing dream the client may have had about death, family, or health. The client may have a premonition about a trip, a new job, or relocation to another area.

A Reading may be helpful for the client who is confused or distracted about something they are sensing or feeling through the body without rational explanation. Together, they would explore the energy in and around the physical body. The client might ask the Intuitive Counselor to Read into their energy field for more in depth information.

An example of this Reading would be when the client says, “I can't put a finger on what it is” or, “I just have a bad feeling or premonition.” Many times, energy medicine can be used at the end of the Reading to help the client feel more inner peace and relaxation before making a decision about something.

This energy session could involve releasing pent up emotions about the unknown, and use of healing touch to calm the client. The client is more confident to use their own perception and intuition to resolve their issues. There may be occasion when a relative, friend, or pet may suddenly appear in the Reading in 'spirit form' to comfort or confirm information to help the client who is in distress. A phrase that is used a lot in paranormal experiences of this kind are commonly referred to as relatives, friends, or pets who appear in the Reading "from the other side."