Premonition: Plane Down

An email friend reminded me today of my recent experience I had shared with her. I was having a vivid premonition of a terrorist/hostage situation, hearing the phrase, being shouted, "Get down!" I'm sure the passengers were being told by flight attendants to assume the crash position, even though it would end badly.

Sadly, yesterday the news reported one of the pilots, a terrorist, taking total control to crash the plane, killing himself, and everyone on the flight.

I've had visions of crashes in the past. Some times several hours before, some were months, and one over a year before manifesting. I always send emails to friends and family when I have the Visions. Someone usually lets me know of the event, or I see it on the news.

The crash I saw over a year before it happened was very different from most. It was a small plane with a pilot instructor and the student. The student lost control, flew off course, and flew into a tall apartment building in Manhattan not far from Empire State Building. Only deaths were the two in the plane. This was after the 911 Attack.

The 911 Attack I saw in detail a few hours prior to the Attack. This was confirmed in my emails to few friends and family, hours before it happened. I cried for a week as I watched the news coverage.

I feel sad for lives lost on this recent flight and all their loved ones left behind.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Psychic Medium - April, 2015