High Energy in Sedona

My Psychic Medium experiences in December, 2013

I went to Sedona for a personal vacation before the Christmas holidays began. That's a busy time of year for many people. I was in Sedona from November 28th through December 7th.

A month before I traveled there I made reservations at a local hotel and spa. I contacted the spa to schedule spa therapies. I was requesting services from the staff I had met the last time I was there. At that time, I had no idea how many psychic medium experiences I would have on my vacation for over a week.

The following personal experiences I had in Sedona are written in such a way to share my real experiences while protecting the privacy of people and locations. I share because I believe these real experiences are meant for all people who really need to feel hope and inspiration. Perhaps even more important during Christmas holidays.

As you read these true encounters you will come to realize all of the messages had one common theme: having a chance to say: "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

PSYCHIC MEDIUM ENCOUNTER: "you are my real sister". At the end of my session I hear a female voice saying she had died due to a specific health problem. She wanted to say to the therapist, "you're my real sister. It's not your fault that I died. I'm sorry for how my life ended. Thank you and your family for helping my children who are struggling because of my life choices."

I had real sisters because of my life situation. At the orphanage where I lived, I chose girls who felt like a sister to me. We had different last names, no blood relation, but our sense of family and belonging were strong. In my birth family I was the only girl. Having a sister was a wonderful gift.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM ENCOUNTER: "I feel respect in my heart for you".... My next appointment that week was with a different therapist I had requested in advance. I first met her on my previous trip. At the end of my session, I could see the face of a male spirit who let me know he was her father. I could see clearly the details of his face. I could feel his emotional body. The respect was flowing through his heart space through me. He let me know that he felt such respect for the strong and compassionate woman she had become.

In his generation, men were conditioned to be emotionally unavailable. His family suffered from that disconnection. The mothers were supposed to provide that for the children. In the present day, we know all children need this from both parents to instill in the children a balanced way to live an adult life.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM ENCOUNTER: "A Second Chance To Say I'm Sorry": the only spa service I requested at the last minute was about two days before I left for home. I had a strong urge to schedule an end-of-the-year Reading with one of the Psychics working through the spa center. I wanted a Tarot Card Reading to evaluate the year 2013 and see messages showing up for year 2014.

The cards I drew myself and handed to the psychic were a way Spirit could give me physical proof of what I had known. The knowing was intuitive. I wanted to see signs of synchronicity that matched my knowing. She was able to Read the cards I drew for the session. The cards matched my Knowing.

When the session was concluded I told her I sensed I had a message for her. She had an appointment or a meeting so she needed to leave. I gave her my business card. I told her maybe we could talk before I left town.

The next day I was at spa reception paying for a spa session. She came through on her way out again on this day as well. She did say that maybe we could trade services. It was then I hear a male spirit say: "Ask her to tell you about the canoe incident". When I told her this, she immediately told me in the past another psychic spoke about the same thing. This was coming around the second time through a different psychic!

Basically, the story is her boyfriend went out near water and died. The authorities contacted her because they found her contact information on his body. The authorities told her the death involved a canoe. She was very stressed at that time because she had to clear out his home. She had to take care of the cremation process. Now he was here a second time telling her he was sorry for the trauma and grief he caused her.

PSYCHIC MEDIUM ENCOUNTER: "Dancing In The Dark": On Friday, my last day of vacation, I was in hotel restaurant having a quick lunch around 1:30pm. Suddenly, I hear a partial lyric of a song in my thoughts. I know I've heard this song many times. I can't recall the title. I'm sensing a Presence nearby. It's really odd that I take my I Pad with me to lunch. Now, I know why.

My plan was to eat lunch, return to my hotel room to shower and wash my hair. I had plans to meet friends at 5:30pm. We would travel to Cottonwood, AZ for dinner at an organic restaurant we enjoyed on my last trip.

During lunch I realized I could use my I Pad to search online for song lyrics with the phrase I was hearing. The song title was "Dancing In The Dark" by Bruce Springsteen. I forwarded the song lyrics to several people. I sensed it was someone I knew.

The next day around noon I receive a very emotional reply from a professional friend I've known for over 20 years. The song title and lyrics were very personal and meaningful for her. She shared a part of her past I never knew.

The lyrics in this song were so personal for her in a very stressful and dark time in her life. She gained strength to persevere until she moved through the dark night of the soul for personal freedom. Because of that strength within her, she is a professional with a Doctorate in her career. For many years now she has been helping children learn coping skills for "Dancing In The Dark".

The female spirit was her mother using this song to say she could see the truth now of how her daughter suffered as an adult because of her neglect. When her daughter was growing up, she was emotionally abusive and degraded her daughter. This continued up to the day she died in the past year.

My friend stood by her parents all these years until they both passed over. First her father, and later her mother. No words of remorse even to the last breath. My friend sat day after day near the bedside in the end hoping for some sign there was remorse or ask her forgiveness. Hoping to hear those simple, yet hard to say words: "I'm sorry for all the years I neglected you. I never gave you love, protection, and respect you deserved."

To never receive that closure one has to learn coping skills by Dancing In The Dark to be stronger. My friend used her experience to help young children have a better chance to thrive.

As I sit in my hotel room in Kansas City, three hours away from home, I can see a positive in the delay to get home because of a massive winter storm. I have a quiet ,warm, and safe place to record my notes about my experiences on vacation in Sedona.

As I finish for the night, I just realized my room number, # 931 adds up to"13" (9+3+1 = 13 )
I was placed in a Baptist Orphanage six months before I turned 13. Many of you will have knowledge of the Spiritual meaning behind # 13. I only realized this as I wrote the last few sentences in this story. This is a synchronicity confirming the experience was one of those Divine bread crumbs on my Path. I knew it was important to have time to record my experiences. The hotel staff could have assigned any room. But this room # 931 was meant for me.

My life experiences to this place in time has been a steady flow of "#13" life experiences. An endless flow of synchronicity to help me recognize the Divine bread crumbs on my life path as a human being. I want to remain on the Path of the right direction for me.

I experienced the real magic of The Spirit of St. Nicholas while in Sedona. This was perfect timing for some people who would be experiencing an invisible gift. This could not be purchased in a department store or through online shopping. I wish I could appropriately describe the high energy of inner joy and comfort knowing I was part of the gift giving.

Verniece Wyles
Spiritual Psychic Medium