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The Value of a Human Life

It was the last day of my January trip in Sedona. The time I spent in Sedona in January was unusually cold. Some local residents mentioned freezing water pipes. The last day was sunny and much warmer. I was enjoying lunch in the hotel restaurant when a name popped into my thoughts. Before I could block the emotional stress, I began to feel in my body, I was in the middle of receiving information very distressing about someone I knew back home. It can be a real challenge to share upsetting information.

I tried to block the psychic information because I didn't want to hear sad news for this person. But it was too late to "re-send" it back. Now, it was up to me to decide if I could pass along this new information to the person I knew back home in Missouri.

After I finished lunch, I decided to text this person about the psychic impressions I received for him. I didn't understand what the message was about. I knew if anyone could make sense of it, he would figure it out.

He is a local businessperson who has provided services for my home in Missouri. I had known him for a few years and felt comfortable sharing this type of information.

Together, we explored this new psychic impression through a few texts about what it meant for him or his family. I will call him "Robert".

After I was back in Missouri, a few days later, he said he and his wife would like to meet in person to talk about my psychic experience. They thought it was from a loved one who passed away.

During that session all was made very clear.  I had been receiving psychic impressions from Robert's deceased brother who had been murdered in the fall of 2012. His brother lived out of state where he was murdered.

I never knew about this until Robert and his wife shared what happened. Since last fall, the whole family had been grieving for him, trying to accept the unacceptable.

The unacceptable being that the man who murdered him would only receive a short few years in prison, even though this man had a prior criminal record for violent behavior and was a drug dealer. Robert's brother was a security guard and was attacked from behind during a robbery. He died shortly after in the hospital in a coma.

Not long after I had texted this psychic message to Robert, he received information from the court system that the trial would begin on the anniversary date of Robert and his wife. It seemed as if Robert's brother was trying to prepare him ahead of time for more impending anger and grief about how little value was placed on a human life. This family loved him so much. The void was so deep in their life without him.

There was a plea bargain avoiding the trial that would have begun on Robert's wedding anniversary.

It was important for Robert and his wife to meet with me to hear from the Spirit of Robert's Brother. It was a long session of receiving so many memories and messages for Robert and his family. It was very difficult to accept the decision that was so demeaning for the life of his beloved brother who was murdered. How could any of this be fair?!

Every message I received from his brother's Spirit was written down by Robert's wife. They were able to tell me what everything meant. There were tears in the session, along with a few smiles. These were memories of his brother's life. He wanted to come in and be ahead of more pain that was coming for the family.

The family may have to accept what could not be changed in a legal decision, but the one thing that would never change was the eternal bond of love everlasting for the whole family.

It will take time for the pain to diminish. The whole family knows how valuable his life is forever. The brother's love returned to comfort them during the injustice coming once again.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Psychic Medium