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The Lady in White

On August 13, 2013 as I was just drifting off to sleep, I remembered to say a prayer for a new client phone reading on the 14th.

Moments later, I had a vision of a lady in white appear at my bedside. I was curious because she was not providing any details for her visit. I just knew she was there for the new client on the 14th.

In recent years' experience, I have begun to realize there may be limited information when a person dies while in a coma or has an Alzheimer's condition. I sensed it was important that she appeared all in white, and that I should tell the new client about the appearance. That I should tell her the Lady was in white like in a hospital bed sheet.

At the appointment, the client Rosa, told me her mother had cancer. She was in a coma until the family gave permission to remove her life support. She was lying in the hospital bed all in white sheets.

Rosa had made this appointment for Spiritual Counseling. She was struggling emotionally to process a series of losses in her life. She felt unsure of the next phase in her life.

Since her mother's death, she felt lost without her. She was finding it a struggle to move forward. Rosa was very grateful her mother appeared the night before the appointment.

Rosa shared with me about her life experiences living with her mother and Rosa's alcoholic father. He created the chaos in the family.

From Rosa's negative life experiences, she had formed specific beliefs about life and relationships.

After some time, Rosa did develop a strong will to overcome these negative life events. It was now in her life, maybe for the first time, she was open to finding a better path for herself.

Rosa said her mother had a hard life. In the end, she died of cancer while in a coma. Rosa said the one important gift her mother taught her was "Never give up. Keep looking for a better path."

Rosa believes her mother's spirit appeared the night before her appointment to let Rosa know she still stands beside her. She wants her to succeed. Her mother's message: "Never Give Up As Long As You Live."

I came across this lost handwritten story October 26, 2019 in my office. I had never typed it for the book. I see the date of story was August 13, 2013. I believe my son's spirit helped me find the story to add to my book. His birth was August 13th. He died in 2005.

After reading the story, I can see there is an important message for those who lose a loved one in a coma. There are no last words and deep sadness.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor