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Take Care of My Mother

During the first two days in January 2021, I received two Visitations and Spirit messages from two departed Sons.

They were not related. They never knew each other in this life. And yet both these deceased and departed Sons were asking me to deliver a message: "Take Care Of My Mother" in each their own way, just two days apart.

One mother was with friends for a weekend, hiking in the remote mountains in Arkansas. 

The next day I heard the similar message before a new client was scheduled at 7pm. She was not related but knew this family. She could deliver his message.

These messages were from Sons who had lived in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Both these deceased sons had their life challenges, as do all of us. They loved their mothers very much. 

A love that transcends time and space. Just as Jesus loves us transcending time, space, and for eternity.

Jesus loved his Mother. He gave messages to others to "Look After My Mother."

As we enter a new year let us remember to love one another because He first loved us.

Spiritual Intuitive Counselor
January 2021