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Spiritual & Personal Development Coaching

This program is designed as a guide and resource for those who want to improve the quality of their total life which includes mind, body, and spirit.

In Coaching, the client is seen as being a healthy and successful person who seeks guidance and support for greater success toward a specific goal. The Coach helps the client with the goals and objectives for greater success in personal and professional development.

There is a difference in coaching and counseling. A client who seeks counseling may be coming for deeper emotional problems or a life trauma.

Personal and Professional Coaching can be helpful for people in a variety of life situations and transitions. Some of the areas of improvement may be related to changing unwanted behaviors, raising self-esteem and self-confidence, exploring the role of one's spirituality, attitudes, and beliefs that affect issues with money, career, and marriage.

Personal Coaching helps the client remove negative cognitions that block one's path to success in a particular area. Developing positive cognitions allows the client to move toward their desired goals and objectives that are created in the coaching process.

Being a Personal Coach includes providing the client with referrals and other resources beyond the coach and client sessions. These referrals and resources are for a greater understanding of issues pertinent to the client's success.

I believe each person has a strong spiritual intuitive and spiritual self. It is my purpose as a Personal Coach to help that individual connect in a greater way with this aspect of one's self in order to be more successful.

I never advocate for any particular approach to spirituality. However, I do work with whatever the client desires to pursue in a personal and professional way to help them connect to more success in life.

Free Coaching Call: A complimentary coaching call is available. There is no obligation or charge for the first phone call consultation (up to a thirty-minute question and answer period where the client determines if I am the right coach). You are under no obligation to decide at that time; you may call back later as you may want to interview others before deciding.

Your only obligation is the phone call that you make to speak with me. You call for an appointment for phone consultation time; I set aside that specific time to be available to discuss this with you when you call me.