Spirit in the Southwest

For many years I have spent vacation time in Sedona & I have been in Sedona for professional conferences. But, since 2011, I have been drawn to visit Sedona for longer periods of time and to travel there during each earth season. My more frequent & lengthier visits, allow me to better experience & enjoy the earth energy in Sedona, as well as connect to more of the residents who live in that area.

I'm very pleased when a local resident shares with me how they came to be in Sedona. When I hear his or her story, I am amazed how Spirit guides all to Sedona.

There is truly a "Spirit In The Southwest". So, now, every time I am in Sedona,I will record my paranormal and spiritual experiences. I will share my experiences on my website under this heading: "Spirit In The Southwest". I hope you will enjoy returning to my website and reading about my Sedona adventures.

Verniece, Spiritual Psychic Medium