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Spirit Horse Visit

I agreed to meet a friend for dinner at an Italian restaurant summer of 2015. I was waiting inside when my friend called to say she was running late. I told her to take her time, I was in no rush.

She was upset because when she arrived at her vacation residence there was an issue with the water in the bathroom. So, she had to wait on maintenance to come inspect the plumbing issue.

When we were visiting during our meal, she shared about a few stressful situations in her life. She is a caregiver to her husband who is in Hospice Care in their home. She very seldom has any personal time away from home. So, on this day, she was having a difficult time holding back tears in a public place. She has always been a very positive person. Normally, she would never be tearful in a public setting.

I told her I felt helpless to do anything to help her. I said, "I wish there was something I could do to make things better for you."

Out of the blue, I blurted out, "I smell a horse!" I was shocked to hear myself saying that while seated in a nice restaurant. My first response was a big belly laugh. So, I thought she would laugh too. She is a psychic medium like myself. We've been friends for many years, so I'm used to her laughing with me in a psychic impression like this.

But, to my amazement, she had a shocked look on her face, and began to cry. I apologized and asked her what was wrong. She told me about two weeks ago her beloved horse died in the pasture. This horse she had gifted out to a family in another state to share with a handicapped young girl. They called to tell her the beloved horse was dead.

Looking back on our conversation, both of us believe that when I said I wish I could help her feel better, this spirit horse that she loved dearly sensed her grief and stress to come forward to comfort her. The bond of love was great between them.

The smell of a real horse was very strong for me in that restaurant when I blurted out those words, "I smell a horse!" I was shocked because I never expected that to happen in a restaurant. But I am so happy to report that was just what my friend needed to hear at a time she was really tired and stressed over her current situation at home.

At the end of our meal, she was genuinely smiling and feeling grounded again. Her beloved horse came to visit her when she was crying.

She was excited when I gave accurate details of her horse. She told me that was her horse.

Isn't it wonderful when we can receive real support we need in a crisis?

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor