Sentinel's Voice

The Sentinel's Voice: Angel Messages and Voices of Our Ancestors Through Extraordinary Stories in the Ordinary Lives of Real People.

This program has been created to offer clients an opportunity to connect with those relationships past and present that exceed the normal range of communication.

Verniece Wyles earned a degree as a Counselor. She combines her Christian upbringing and Native American teachings into her own unique philosophy to provide services for all people who desire Wellness in Mind-Body-Spirit through her business at Sentinel's Voice.

Verniece recently included the "Spirit" in the program services. This program is called "The Sentinel's Voice" and was developed as a result of this book: In My Father's House...Angel Messages and Voices of Our Ancestors.

Since the mid 1980s, Verniece has patiently developed a wellness program that incorporates her training as a counselor and alternative health care that involves many teachings of the native cultures. She uses light, color, sound, therapeutic touch, mind-body emotional release for stress reduction in her spiritual medium sessions as well as in her spiritual/intuitive counseling/consulting.

The Sentinel's Voice is a program that has been created to offer clients an opportunity to make heartfelt connections through a more profound intuitive level.

This information comes from a heightened sense of awareness through Intuitive Intelligence found in everyone to a greater or lesser degree.

Verniece uses this gift of the Spirit to deliver messages from a profound level of Intuitive Intelligence. She relies on her own spiritual gifts to communicate with people at a level beyond normal understanding through the use of the six senses.

Since the early 1990s, Verniece has been recording these extraordinary stories in her journal notes. This is her first book that reveals some of the stories recorded in her journals.

She relies on her gift as a storyteller as she shares those extraordinary true stories with others in a private session, in seminars, or with strangers she meets in her travels.

Verniece explains how important the angel stories are in the wellness programs.

This program is about bringing people out of Despair and into Repair. A person can heal and feel restored by experiencing truth, hope, and love in these extraordinary stories. Many people have a need to personally experience these divine forces which seem to be unexplainable but certainly well-received. No matter what their religious beliefs, a sense of inner peace is felt at a deep level.

There are countless stories of "invisible" loved ones who seem to appear from out of "nowhere" in moments of prolonged grief, anger, fear, and guilt. The purpose is to support the healing process, closure with the past, and renewal of their faith in God.

As we experience this, we are uniting the eternal spirit with our physical self. This connects us to the Great God.

Human beings have an innate desire to hear stories of the afterlife. They long to share stories that inspire, encourage, affirm and renew faith in God.

The programs and the angel stories are shared for the greatest good. There is a sense of inner peace and profound faith in God. There is a realization that life continues. This program does not refer to any specific religion. Each one has to decide individually the messages that are there for them.

The Sentinel's Voice is a program that supports these concepts.