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Searching for a Lost Cat

I received an e-mail from a female client out of state that was searching for her cat. She told me if I had any message that would help find her cat, please let her know. The cat is an indoor cat and accidently escaped out the door. The woman was very concerned for the cat's safety. She was hoping she would find her cat real soon.

When I read the e-mail, the immediate message I received from Spirit was this: "Tell her to look around the trash can."

When I checked back with the client through e-mail, I told her what I had heard from Spirit. I asked her to explain what she thought Spirit meant by the message I received.

She was so happy when she e-mailed me later. She said that she found her cat, very scared but safe. The cat was underneath the deck of the house. The explanation about looking around the trash can was that this woman has a metal trash can on the deck on the back of the house. It is used as a storage container for the dog food. The cat was under the deck!

Nothing is too small a task for Spirit. Everyone and everything matters when it comes to protecting and nurturing life. And that means all life forms here on earth. We are loved and so are the pets in our family. (Verniece, May 2008)