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River of Dreams

Several months ago, I had reserved an appointment for a female client. 

About two days after I had written her appointment in my schedule, I began hearing a fragment of a song through my Intuitive Self.

I recognized the lyrics but not the song title.

I searched online and found the title, it was called "River Of Dreams" by Billy Joel.

I was intuitively guided to contact this client to ask her if this song had special meaning to her.

Amazing result! She said the first concert she ever went to was a Billy Joel Concert with her dad.

Her Dad was a musician and loved Billy Joel's music.

Her birthday was coming up in the near future and she believed her Dad (deceased) was saying "Happy Birthday!"

Have you ever heard a favorite tune in your thoughts and remembered a loved one around a special event?

They can send loving energy through a song that connects in love.

Spiritual Intuitive Counselor