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Right Timing

Last night I was watching TV when I received a visual image of a man who looked to be in his early 50s. He had a weather-worn face. He was in emotional turmoil and was considering taking his own life. I saw him sitting at a desk, clasping his hands together in front of his forehead. It seemed that he was contemplating suicide.

I immediately wondered if this was a notice to me from a spirit who might have relatives attending my upcoming seminar on February 8th.

I forgot about this and went on with my evening routine. I thought I would ask around in my errands the next day to see if anyone knew of someone who might have committed suicide recently.

Around 4:15 p.m. I was looking at my list of things to do, and before I could go to the next item on the list, I heard Spirit say, "Go to Nature's Way now!" I didn't hesitate. I didn't know why but it seemed that it was important to make that my next errand, even though that was not my next stop.

As I walked in, I was chatting with the owner of the health food store for just two or three minutes. In walked a husband and wife that I have known for many years. We laughed and said how odd it was that in all these years, we had never been in the health food store at the same time!

For some reason, I felt strongly to share this spirit visit from last night. I thought maybe it was because I always shared with them my latest angel stories, and maybe that was the reason.

After just a few minutes, the three of us realized this vision I had last night was connected to them in a personal way. My coming in at the right timing convinced them. My timely information convinced them that they needed to make a trip out of state right away. They sensed they would not be able to put this off.

I was told that the person I saw in this vision was the wife's brother. They told me how emotionally drained and physically exhausted he had been. He had been so upset lately that he had to be taken to an emergency room. He has had a lot of responsibility for an ailing parent and a dairy farm. He had not had a day off in fourteen years. He didn't want to think of what would happen if he let go and took a rest. He thought perhaps he was not able to do this without making sacrifices he was unwilling to make right then.

They said he was in real need of immediate support from someone in the family. They said they would call him to let him know they were making a trip there. They were thinking he would not do anything to harm himself, as he knew they were coming to visit.

I had assumed this visual image I received was of a person who worked in an office, as the person was sitting behind a desk.

They said this man does have a desk in his room where he sits to pay bills and take care of farm-related issues. I also assumed this visual image meant someone had died and was communicating from their spirit, giving me this message for someone he had left behind.

My friend in the health food store reminded me of the times I had left phone messages for him of visions I had regarding him and his family that manifested a few weeks or months later. And they were all "still here".

I have been so used to getting more spirit visits than prophetic visions that I "assumed" it had already happened. I am so grateful that my friend had such an excellent recall of my visions that he personally benefited from. I thanked him and said that I would remember this in the future when I receive intuitive information and maybe it could also be spirit visitations, too. I would be confident that I would be shown which experience I was having ... eventually.

My friends told me that because we all got there at the "right timing," it would be a part of helping to save someone's life. Of course, my Spirit already knew all this. It was important for me to listen to the inner prompting and go directly to the health food store to connect with this husband and wife. Because of this experience with me, they changed their plans and left right away in winter driving conditions. They had planned on making the trip in the spring, but that was not meant to be.

I find that when I connect with new people in my life, my Spirit will always be "looking out" for them. If there is anything that my Spirit sees ahead of time or in the past that will affect these people that I knew, messages are delivered in a timely manner. This has been true for many years now.

It is amusing that I have been given a "nickname" in our community. Tonight, in the health food store, we laughed and said it must be true! The way my nickname came about was when I would meet someone in town, and they had a friend or relative visiting with them, they would start to tell them who I was. The visiting person would laugh and say, "Oh, you are the angel lady I have been wanting to meet!"

I can't think of any better nickname for my Spirit that keeps a watchful eye over those precious souls in my life, whether they are clients, relatives, friends, or casual acquaintances.

Just remember this message within the story so you will listen and be prompted by your Spirit to be in the right time, right place, and for the right person. You may never know how important it will be!