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Owls on My Roof

I had a dream several years ago about seeing owls up near the roof top of a house. The front of the house in the dream had a high-pitched roof. Similar in the shape of a barn-type structure but it was a house in my dream. In my dream, I recall saying that I was happy there were owls on my roof.

Last night I dreamed a lot. I didn't remember much of the dreams. But all of a sudden, I remembered that dream from years ago. I said, "Wow, my dream came true. I do have owls on my roof."

The owls on my roof are actually the two, big, stained glass owl art pieces I've saved for years to hang inside in front of windows high up in a room. Now I can get a handyman to hang the two owls up high in front of the large glass windows above the front door.

Maybe I have these glass owls because I first saw them in my dreams. Consciously, I did not realize why I bought them because the houses I lived in did not have the proper size windows for hanging the owls. Yet, I never considered letting go of the pieces. Even back then, I had a vague knowingness I would find the right place for them.

The house in my dream from years ago manifested itself on December 19th, 2014, when I became its owner. I had been searching since 2005 for a house on a lake. In 2014, my dream came true because on December 19th, I realized, this is the dream manifested. There will be owls on my roof. I am happy about that. Since the lake property has lots of trees, I'm sure I will hear the owls. I will be happy about that as well.

When we have dreams of our future life, it can manifest years later just as we dreamed it. Sometimes the dreams can be symbolic with a spiritual meaning that is uplifting for us. But always, the dream life is meant to support and guide us even when some dreams may be sad or scary.

Some people keep a dream journal to record their dreams. When the dream does manifest, the date can be added to the recorded dream. In doing this, one is able to know how far into the future our dreams can take us.