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My Visit With Verniece

After my daughter received an email from Verniece and forwarded to me, I decided I wanted to speak with Verniece. We made the necessary arrangements and GPS directions.

The first couple hours were catch up from our childhood intermixed with conversation of my family. I carry a lot of baggage from my siblings and struggle with trying to break away.

Most of our time was spent teaching and learning to accept my sibling's differences. Verniece has many wonderful techniques to help you move pass and move on.

Verniece had a paranormal experience pertaining to me which intrigued and excited me. My sister, Laura Frances, paid her a visit. Verniece didn't have a clue Laura Frances wore a uniform, but Verniece saw her in a uniform. She shared with me what Laura Frances had to say. In closing our session, I asked if I could speak to Laura Frances. I asked Laura Frances if she was with Momma, Daddy, and Billy in heaven.

She came back with a sheet hanging on a clothesline. I get chills thinking about that. My Momma always hung her sheets and clothes on the line for the fresh scent. Verniece wouldn't have known that; only I would know that about my Mom.

- Laura