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Mother's Day: Meeting on Both Sides of the Bridge

A week before Mother's Day we had been having severe weather almost every day in my area of Missouri. I had meetings and client appointments that had to be re-scheduled as a result of the weather.

So, on Mother's Day, I had appointments that late afternoon and early evening. This was the first Mother's Day in three years since my Son, Wesley's death that I truly felt that I was moving forward and celebrating Mother's Day in a new way. All of my appointments that day were with mothers of various ages. I felt a warm and sincere connection with them. I felt their bravery to cope with life.

At my business meeting at 6:00pm to discuss advertising in a magazine, I received a surprise "spirit visit" from my Son, Wesley.

As Colette, the owner of the magazine was explaining some of the aspects of the magazine to me, I felt a warm sensation all over my body. I immediately heard my Son's voice. He said: "She is a good person. She can help".

Then my Son showed me an image of himself holding the hand of a little boy who looked alot like my Son at that age. My son had blond hair and blue eyes. My Son said: "Mother, this little boy died when he was really young. His mother is having a hard time today." 

I shared what I had just experienced with Colette. She and her husband own a magazine that is published six times a year in the area near where I live.

At first Colette did not know who this little boy might be. Then moments later, she said: "I know who this is!" I spoke with
this mother in the past week. She might be having a hard time. Her son died when he was maybe 7 years old".

She made plans to speak with this little boy's mother the first of next week. I spoke with Colette in the evening of Monday after Mother's Day. It turns out that the woman's son died about 30 years ago and most people do not even remember she had a son. He did look like my Son with blond hair and blue eyes, according to Colette's conversation with the mother.

She did not tell anyone she was having a hard time that day because she feels that no one recognizes she is a mother. She misses her son who died over thirty years ago. 

But someone did know how she felt. It was her own little boy. My Son brought him to meet us to give this mother that message. We all need to remember that no matter how long ago a child died, no matter the age of that child, there is a mother out there years later, longing to hold that child in her arms. Be compassionate with mothers who have loved and lost. They will always be "Mother" even if that child died over 30 years ago.

My Son was right when he said Colette could help. She took the time to make contact again with this mother who did not tell anyone just how sad she was on Mother's Day. That means this little boy came to visit his mother with my Son. Both of them would get to say "I love you, Mother. Happy Mother's Day." And, My Son brought him to the "Bridge" so we could all know this.

This experience on Mother's Day reminded me of the healing vision I had on Easter weekend in a dream about my Son three months after his death. In that dream, he tells me: "to not let go, he is building a bridge!" Now, I am beginning to have a deep understanding about what he is trying to show me.

My Son was great with kids. He had two young sons when he died in the car accident. He is now looking after young children over there the same way he would look after and love the two sons he had in this world.

At one time, he had a job as a substitute teacher in elementary schools in Louisiana. He was very good at his job. He got lots of calls to help out because the staff appreciated the good work he did as a substitute. He told the staff members the reason he was so good was because "his mother was once a really great elementary school teacher! He told them, "he just watched me and learned how to help others." I felt so honored he would say that back then about our life together when he was young.

The next afternoon after Mother's Day I had another meeting to attend in town. I was picking up my laundry on the way. I was listening to the oldies station on the car radio.

As I was turning into the parking lot of the cleaners, I was having a vision of what had happened on Mother's Day. In this vision I saw Colette and myself standing on our end of the bridge and coming toward us was my Son, and this little boy, holding my Son's hand. My Son was smiling, and the little boy was waving at us! It doesn't get any better than that! At least, so I thought.

Just as I was driving up in front of the cleaners, the song, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" came on. I sat in my car and I wept. But, with tears of gratitude and love for how we still connect with those we love on both sides of the bridge, of "here and there".

The song I have not heard on the radio in months! This was the song that I used at my Son's funeral because it came to me in a visit from my Son's spirit within 24 hours after his passing. This experience is in the story title: "13 Red Roses & Bridge Over Troubled Water". On the CD for those songs, this song is actually #13. My Son's birthday is August 13th. He and I have alot of experiences with the #13, We always say it is our lucky number.

The words to that song are very comforting. I know my Son had something to do with that song playing just when it did today. What a comfort and re-assurance that he is ever with me, building that bridge one experience at a time!

{Verniece, May 2008}