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Memorial Day Premonition

On Friday night, May 23, 2014, around 8:00 pm CST, I receive an auditory premonition: "accident...deadly."

When I heard the word "deadly," it was very chilling to know I was sensing many deaths.

It was Memorial Day weekend, so I was concerned about friends and family traveling. I was about to leave my house to drive to the lake house for the weekend.

I was relieved to arrive safely at the lake house Friday night. However, I didn't sleep well because I couldn't shake the unsettling feelings about the premonition.

I couldn't receive any more intuitive details about the premonition Friday night, so I didn't contact friends or family. Saturday morning, I called my daughter to tell her to be safe driving on her trip to visit a friend out of town. I told her about the premonition.

Afterward, I turned on the television to CNN Saturday morning to learn details about a mass murder Friday night. The report was six or more people murdered and seven people injured. These were college students in Santa Barbara County, in California.

I saw on CNN this incident began around 9:30pm. I received the premonition around 8:00pm Friday CST in Missouri. When I received the premonition at 8:00pm in Missouri, it would have been 6:00pm in California.

The details on CNN revealed the killer was in his car driving as he was shooting at cars and people who were walking and riding bikes. So, on Saturday morning, I could see how the premonition was described as "accident" since it was numerous, deadly traffic incidents as a result of drive-by shootings.

Verniece Wyles
Spiritual Intuitive Counselor