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Mary Is Not In California

I had finished up a Holiday Open House at my office. I was eager to get a take-out burger and go home. It was late and very cold outside.

I went into a favorite restaurant to order the hamburger to go. I learned there was a large party of fifteen people waiting to order their meals. I was so tired, and I didn't want to wait.

I went to get in my truck to drive on down the street to another place I knew I could get a good hamburger. It had been a long day for me at the Open House at my office. I was grateful that it had been a good day sharing my announcement of publishing a book of angel stories.

As I drove down the street, I heard Spirit tell me to keep on going further down the street. I realized in that moment that my night was NOT over as far as the angels were concerned.

I was prompted to pass up the quick hamburger place. I kept on driving and then realized I was being sent to a nicer sit-down type of restaurant. For some reason, I thought this one was usually closed on this day of the week. It was open.

I had intentions of just getting the take-out burger and going home. I saw a lot of cars in the parking lot. I didn't want to spend the night waiting around. Spirit said: "Just go in and see... it is not too crowded... there is someone in there for an angel message... you won't be sorry."

I went in and discovered that the crowd was not in the room where I was seated. It was okay for me to eat a meal in comfort.

The hostess knew me, and I asked for a favorite spot that I used when I was there.  She smiled and let me know it was okay to sit there. I smiled when I saw the window near the table had a bronze angel decoration hanging in it.  The other windows had reindeer, etc.

As the hostess and a couple of waitresses stopped to take my order and to say "hello", I said: "I think I am here to deliver an angel message for someone who works here. Do you know if someone who works here had a funeral to go to lately?" They told me about such a person who was working in another section of the restaurant. I told them that maybe that was the person I had a message for and that I would wait and see what happened.

I ordered my meal. A few minutes later, the employee came over to my table. I told her what was happening and why I felt I was there.

I knew she was very busy working her job that night. I didn't want to take too much time, but I also knew that my night was not over until this angel message was delivered.

I told her that Spirit said she was loved. Even though she couldn't go to the funeral in California with her husband for her recently deceased mother-in-law, she was loved by her because she was like a daughter to her.

The woman became tearful as she heard this. It had a lot of meaning for her. She said that she always felt her presence every time she opened her mother-in-law's Bible and read the passages she had underlined. I told her that the love of this woman would always be near her. I told her that Mary was right here in spirit for her. Her mother-in-law's spirit found her even though she had to work. Her husband traveled without her to the funeral.

I told her I was sorry I had to give this message while she was trying to work. She was very busy. I told her I knew that I would not be able to go home until I did my best to give the message.

When someone loves us, they are never far from us, even in death. We don't have to physically be where the body is contained in a hospital, a nursing home, or a funeral home. The Spirit of Mary could be anywhere she needed to be in order to connect with those she loved.

I was tired and was sure that my evening with the angels was over when I finished my Holiday Open House event. But it turns out ... "it isn't over until the angels say it's over" ...when it comes to helping someone who needs comfort, love, and reassurance they are loved for always.

It turns out I wasn't so tired after all. I was grateful that I could actually give some words of comfort from the angels to someone who really needed to hear those encouraging words that night. That waitress was tired herself. She was working, and her husband went on the trip without her. But Mary remembered her. She came to her!

Thank you, God, for your love and the help of the angels and our ancestors who go before us to send us love to comfort our hearts when we are sad.