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Lyubov, St. Louis, Missouri

Every one of us has had a chance to meet that one person that has changed our life in some way. The wisdom and the knowledge of that person showed us the light and the right path to follow when we felt lost or confused. Life can dramatically change after that encounter with that special person.

Verniece is one of those people in my life. I was looking for an answer regarding a waking vision I had about a Big Bird looking like an eagle and a phoenix. I found my answer after I spoke with Verniece in my first phone Reading with her. We spoke on the phone for a long time like old friends would do even though we had never met.

I had asked Verniece to do a Life Reading for me. She was encouraging me to stay focused on my destiny and continue to work with my creative spirit. She helped me see that everything that was showing up in my Life Reading was happening for a reason and this was creating who I am and who I will become. In the Reading, Verniece made several intuitive suggestions based on my Life Reading and from the conversation with me.

I made a decision to sell my house and move to another area. I had always felt that I had to move to a new place, and I never did it until now. I love my new house. I wasn't looking so hard to find the house. This house was on the market for 120 days, and it was waiting for me to find it. It was a great decision, and I am very happy where I am now.

Sometimes we never realize that we are surrounded by things which does not match our energy or our spirit. Everything and everyone has an aura and a spirit. I have found happiness and peace.

I took a full-time job after speaking with Verniece. It lasted for a few months. I wasn't sure that I made the right decision due to certain things that were happening in the workplace. I shared my feelings with Verniece, and she listened to what I thought was happening. She was able to show me right away where the problem was and why I didn't feel comfortable to work in this agency. The situation was completely changed in the three months I was there after Verniece's intuitive message for me where she shared some possible changes showing up in the near future in that situation. It helped prepare me for the changes that did come and I was able to cope with this because of the advance warning from Verniece.

I am free again to us my creativity in the ways that are best for me and to maintain my inner peace. I was able to use my inner guidance again in my life. One day I got an email from Verniece telling me about the movie "The Celestine Prophecy." She said I might enjoy watching it as it has a lot of deep meaning in it about following your own inner voice and watching for signs that help us follow the right path in life.

Verniece was absolutely right about the importance of that movie in my life. After watching that movie, I realized I had to continue to work on my writing I had started over fifteen years ago. Verniece helped me see that my writing was important and that I had to finish this work I started so long ago.

I have reviewed all the conversations and Readings that Verniece did for me and I see how many times the number of right answers I got from Verniece about my life and my destiny. I got the right advice from Verniece each time I consulted with her. I felt the courage and support to go forward with my life.

I believe Verniece is a Messenger from Spirit. I have met only three people like Verniece for 43 years of my life. I feel lucky about this. It is only a few people on earth like Verniece who has a gift to tell the truth and show the LIGHT.