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Lori, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I had just experienced the major shock of losing my job unexpectedly. I felt anger, resentment, disappointment, and fear. This was all the negative emotions that come with this type of personal devastation. I knew I didn't want to carry any of this experience to a new venture because such emotions would surely cause a re-occurrence in the job world.

I knew I needed a deep spiritual healing before I could move forward. This is the message that came across in my head and my heart. I searched on the internet for anyone in the area of Springfield, Missouri for spiritual/metaphysical/psychic services. My search led me to Verniece and her "Sentinel's Voice" web site. I was re-locating out of state the next week. She understood my situation. She was able to meet with me the following day. What transpired was sacred with me.

Verniece and I shared a history of similar experiences with Native American Spirituality. So, it was a natural process for me to work hard in facing my fear and anxiety as she led me through a series of healing rituals, to let go, and cleanse my spirit. My transformation was real, peaceful, and empowering as I prepared to start a new journey as I left Missouri.

To those dear to me and those who read my story, if you have yet to experience this, let me share that Verniece's healing touch and leadership through personal transformation is 'bona fide.' I can move forward with passion for my own life again. Love, Lori."