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Kelly, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have had a myriad of counseling techniques over my life. I have found the counseling sessions with Verniece to be more healing and long lasting than anything else I have encountered.
I first saw Verniece over five years ago. I have experienced a wide variety of counseling techniques. All of which have been beneficial in not only crisis situations such as the loss of my father and my husband, and the serious illness of my mother and myself, but also in handling my day to day stress.
I have gained inner strength, personal insight, and emotional growth in each session over the years. This has helped me to accept difficult responsibilities, handle hard life lessons, confront my past mistakes and my personal issues. This therapeutic process has given me more clarity in my thoughts, and I continue on with my life with better decision making skills.
The counseling techniques that were used, such as EMDR have lasting positive effects which help me as I re-process my negative messages and information into positive messages that allow a new insight into old emotional and behavioral patterns.
The emotional release work and the energy work to relieve body pain, trauma, and other stress has helped me balance out my mind, body, and spirit for a healing that was much needed. These various techniques are very effective in allowing one to re-connect at a deeper level with the God given intuitive voice within all of us. We all have this gift of the inner voice and learning to listen to this and trust this voice takes practice and faith in one's self.
I have always received correct information in the counseling sessions with Verniece. Sometimes the things I learned about myself and my life were sometimes hard to accept but when I did, I was able to find a deeper level of truth and love within me that gave me courage to continue to be a better person.
I found this work so healing I have taken family members to experience this type of counseling and healing with Verniece. It is not something easily explained but it definitely works and has long term positive effects in one's life.
Never has Verniece taken all the credit for the gifts she has developed in her abilities to work intuitively with others in their own healing process. She has always given God that credit and praise for the grace she receives as she too, works to become a better person and a better spiritual guide and Counselor.
I believe God led me to Verniece and her clinic of which I am very thankful.