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J. A. W., Mountain Home, Arkansas

"I had occasion to assist Verniece in a trip she had planned out of town. We were cruising along when I mentioned the recent death of an old family friend. His passing was unexpected and quite sudden. Verniece did not know the man. She offered her condolences as we continued on the trip.

Later, she said: "Spirit is showing me things that don't add up to me. I wonder what it means." She said: "I am seeing lemonade, a nice watch, (which she described in detail), silver hair, a portrait of a nice-looking couple... likely they are married." Those and other "clues" didn't reveal anything to me at the time.

However, Verniece had presented such a convincing case that I felt compelled to at least broach the subject with this family in their recent loss.

Once I did that, it all made perfect sense to the family. This guy loved lemonade and drank it every day! He had a watch that was especially dear to him. It never left his wrist. The portrait Verniece saw and described to me in detail was prominently displayed in the very room she saw the portrait in this gentleman's home. The lady with him in the portrait was his beloved wife. We have to think his spirit was using Verniece's skills as a way to reassure his family that all was well with him. The "evidence" of his identity was presented to convince the doubting minds. I think the experience was a much-needed comfort to this family at a very difficult time."