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"I'm Okay; I Made It"

Yesterday in a Phone Reading, I connected a woman with her brother who hanged himself 10 years ago. His spirit visited me 24 hours before her email request for a Reading.

When I saw him in my living room, I knew he was there WAITING for someone to contact me. Sure enough, 24 hours later it happened.

When I asked her if she knew someone who passed, a slender white male about 6ft and his only message when I saw his presence was "It was really hard but I made it. I'm ok."

He gave so many details to confirm it was him. Then to tell her why he showed up now.

She is a single parent raising two daughters. And she went to great lengths to be there for her brother while alive.

He said he owed her alot. Wants to watch over her and the girls. He shared many details about their life and she confirmed it. Also warning her about current situations to pay attention to.

She confirmed it was him. He showed up to talk in the Reading. It was her birthday and his birthday this month also.

People have certain opinions about suicide and where the deceased go after death. All I know is he is saying he is in a better place. That he is okay.

He was obviously in mental distress when he took his life. But his Soul lives on.

Verniece, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor