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I'm A Ghost Whisperer in Branson

In the month of February 2009, I received an email from someone in Branson reminding me of a visit I made in the store where she worked. This story is best told in her own words. So, I will just report what she told me in February of that visit in 2008.

In the year 2008 I was shopping in a large outlet mall in Branson. I walked into this store I had shopped in before but this time, it was quiet, and I started chatting with the sales person since it was slow. Her name is Donna. And when she sent her recent email in February 2009 I realized it is never to late to figure out what my spirit messages mean to others. Sometimes it takes a few weeks or even months for evidence or memories to make their way to the present time to help people have closure, feel loved, or celebrate the life of loved ones who have passed over into spirit.

This is Donna's report back to me about that visit I made to the store where she worked...

Donna said: Do you remember coming to the store where I worked in Branson, Missouri? you talked to me about my mother who had passed away recently. you also spoke about a lady that had been nagging you for a couple of weeks, and seeing lots of blueberries that seemed connected to this woman.

Everything you told me has been right, or has come true. I talked to my husband about the blueberries after you left. He said his mother had picked blue berries every year. She used them in almost everything she cooked. you also mentioned a water drowning. I talked with my sister about this. She recalled that my mom had a brother that had drowned when he played "hooky" from school.

I still miss my mom alot. I know she is around me now. When I go to my lake house I feel her presence there and so does my sister.

Thank you Verniece so much for talking to me that night at the store. You and I know that I have a special person watching out for me. I know I will be alright, but I miss my mother so much.
(Verniece, March, 2009)