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I Keep My Promise

This afternoon my day in Sedona started with a stop off at the chiropractor in Village of Oak Creek about five minutes from my vacation rental. I used this clinic when I was in Sedona a year ago. I felt as if I were returning home when I was greeted by the chiropractor and his wife, his receptionist.

My next stop was in a shop in town looking for gifts for friends and relatives back home. When the shopping was finished, I realized I still had one gift to find as a special request from a client back home to find a bear claw pendant.

I was given suggestions by the shop keeper where I had been shopping. Through a series of stops in and out of various stores I found a beautiful silver bear foot with the five claws and in the center a nice turquoise stone. I was sent to yet another shop just around the corner for the leather black cord for the pendent.

At that place where I found the silver bear pendent, I asked shop keeper about owl pendants. He referred me to anther shop a few doors down. Nothing there I was looking for. But this shop keeper told me about another shop that had authentic native jewelry.

On this very last stop, I was looking around for an owl pendent when one of the shop keepers came to assist me. The pendant was a bolo tie with a kachina owl pendent. Very expensive and not in my budget.

It was at that moment I had an immediate recall of the night I was at the local Native American casino around midnight. This stop at this shop was beginning to make sense!

The owl pendent I was looking for was NOT for me to purchase but for me to be reminded when I got there, I would be at the place to deliver a spirit message to someone in that store.

But there were two men in the store. It was at that moment I turned my energy inward asking for guidance. I heard guidance that told me it was the tall slender man who was Native American. He had grey hair and blue eyes, but I strongly sensed he was the one.

I was hoping I was speaking to the right person about my spirit visitor following me around at the casino last Sunday evening, January 13th.

I greeted the store clerk by asking him in my soft-spoken voice if he were Native American. Sure enough, he very passionately told me that he was.

I was feeling anxious about having to approach him about my spirit visitor at the casino but how could I leave without knowing for sure if this shop keeper was connected somehow to this very tall white male who followed me around at the casino.

When I was sitting at the slot machine, I kept feeling someone standing behind me. I kept turning around to see who was there. But each time, no one was there. Then all of a sudden, I felt this same intense energy to my left side as I sat in front of the slot machine. I turned to look in that direction. Okay, now I get it! I said to myself...and to him! And I said what I always say: "Remind me later".

Well, now it was "later" and this Spirit had led me best he could through a series of stops at a few shops until it led me to the right shop, just like bread crumbs to the right person to get his message.

I found one of my business cards in my purse and began my explanation to him for being in the shop. I told him about the spirit visitor at casino last Sunday around midnight. I described the spirit to the shop keeper. I asked him if he had lost a friend or relative recently.

With tears and a smile, he shared with me about his friend who died a year ago this December 2012. His friend had been having serious issues with cancer. He was on his way out the door to go to an appointment. From there he was to visit him here in Sedona. He died quickly of a brain seizure and never made the trip to visit his friend in Sedona.

The shop keeper showed me a photo of his friend. When I saw the photo, I had goose bumps all over and I had an immediate recognition of the image and knew it was the very tall male spirit standing by my side at the slot machine. By the way, maybe he had something to do with my great win on that machine and the same type slot machine on the back side of that one!

I told the shop keeper that his friend's spirit said he kept his promises, and he found a way to make it back to Sedona area to visit his good friend. He said he would be hanging around to visit with him for a while. The shop keeper said he would like that!

I later learned that the shop keeper lives very close to the casino I had been at last Sunday evening so the spirit friend would have been driving on that highway to visit his friend.

It is such an irony that I was led to that store looking for an owl pendent... I was there doing what I do because of the gift of "owl medicine", to deliver psychic information to someone who needs to get a very important message from a much-loved friend, even beyond this world, love does survive!

Verniece, Spiritual Psychic Medium