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I Am Going To Die

I had a hair appointment on January 25, 2008. I had been awake all night, so I took a three hour nap before driving to my hair appointment. It is not unusual to have sleep problems. I have spirit visitors while I am awake and sleeping.

When I woke up from my nap, I heard these words: "I am going to die." As I drove to my hair appointment I wondered if this partial message was for me or someone that I knew at the present time. Or could it be for a new client that I had yet to meet?

I have received messages from spirit visitors before a client will call for an appointment. I retain the information until the client shows up for me to do the Reading.

The next day I was traveling to Arkansas on business and to visit with some friends in the area. I was about halfway into my trip when I had this very strong urge to call a friend. I would normally call her at work as it was in the middle of the day. But, I was being guided to call her on her cell phone. 

When I call her cell phone, I usually get her voice mail so I was surprised when she answered the phone. Her voice sounded strange. I asked her if she was okay. She told me that her 94-year-old grandfather was dying. She said that Hospice was there to assist him in his passing. She and the family members were around his bedside. He had been slipping in and out of consciousness for a few days.

Just when I was in the middle of saying that I was so sorry to hear this, she said: "I have to call you back!" A couple of minutes later, I was on the phone with a client, and she left me a message. She said that her grandfather had just passed away.

What I realize now is that her grandfather's spirit had probably visited me about 24 hours before he would die. It was him that was telling me "I am going to die" so that I would remember to call her around the moment of his passing away.

He prompted me to call her on her cell phone because I believe he could hear the stress and grief of his granddaughter and the family by his bedside. When I made that cell phone call it was the last time he would slip out of his body. He was gone. Now the family would be grieving his loss.

I believe that when someone is in a comma or unconscious, they can hear and know what is going on around them. There are stories of how patients leave their body and travel to visit family and friends while unconscious or in a comma. 

In fact, days later, I was able to share my personal experience with my friend about her grandfather's visit. She was able to share another reason with me about why his spirit may have prompted me to call her on her cell phone at the very moment I called her.

She said that in his very last moments of life, she had been putting vitamin E on his lips as they were very dry. One of the family members who was visiting at the time, was criticizing her harshly for doing that at the moment he was probably dying. She was very hurt by this. She was doing this as one last act of kindness for her grandfather.

I am sure that her grandfather could hear what was going on around him. He loved his granddaughter. By prompting me to call her, at that moment, when he slipped away for good, she would know later from me, that he knew her heart was good. He would know that she was the one who did the last kind thing for him as he was dying.

This true story is also a message for all of us, to do what we can for those who are dying right up to their passing AND be careful what we say and do in that process of THEIR last moments of life. It is more important to think of them in the last moments than some petty disagreements we have among ourselves.

I believe my friend's grandfather was getting me to help him connect with his granddaughter just 24 hours before and right at the last minute of his death. This can bring comfort when the loved one has just passed away. I did not know my friend's grandfather. Even though I had never met him, in his spirit body, he would know she was a good friend to me. I would be able to help her when he passed away with this story.

We are much more than our physical body. We can communicate without even moving our mouths to speak, and we can travel without the physical body. This indicates that the spirit of us lives on after the body ceases to function. (Verniece, January 2008)