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Grandma Gracie Came to Visit

In July on Wednesday morning around 2:00am I was just drifting off to sleep. I was made aware of a strong odor I smelled that reminded me of a nursing home or assisted living for the elderly. I sensed someone standing in the hallway near my bedroom door. I heard in my mind, "mother and grandmother".

Even before I turned over to glance in that direction, I sensed the Presence of an older woman who was letting me know she was a mother and a grandmother. I had an instant Knowing that this female Presence was there for the new client scheduled the next day, which was a Thursday afternoon.

When my new client arrived, I began the session by telling her my experience with the woman's spirit the day before. My new client I will call her "Diana". She told me about her grandmother "Gracie". Diana told me that her grandmother passed away over 20 years ago. Her grandmother was living in a nursing home when she passed away! Her passing took place in July. The same month that Diana had called to make this appointment about two weeks ago.

Diana is a Registered Nurse and works in a local medical facility in my area of Missouri. She also volunteers part time with the Hospice program. 

Diana shared some early childhood memories of her life with her grandmother Gracie. As we were getting into the purpose of Diana's visit with me, I was able to show the real reason her grandmother 'showed up' in time for her session with me. Her grandmother came about 24 hours prior to the appointment so I would know she was there to visit with Diana in the session.

Each time I have a spirit visit before a client appointment, I know this session is going to be unique and very healing in many ways. There is always a real purpose for the spirit to be there. It is not just about saying "hello, and how are you?" My work with clients and the Spirit world are about helping my client receive the best guidance possible along with helpful information from departed loved ones for closure, healing, and emotional support for all involved.

Diana began to cry when I turned my thoughts inward to 'listen' to her grandmother Gracie tell me her message. EVERYTHING she was telling Diana through me was so "RIGHT ON" the mark even though I had just started the session with Diana. There was no way I could have obtained the specific information that I was sharing with Diana. 

These were tears of relief and acknowledgement that her grandmother's presence was truly there in the session for her at a very stressful time in her personal life.

I sensed there was a real personal connection with grandmother Gracie to Diana's current personal situation. Diana explained to me what that was all about. Both of them had the same personal experience to get through. Her grandmother told her, "You will be okay. You will be happy again". 

Her grandmother went through the same personal experience as Diana when Diana was a young girl. 

I asked Diana to tell me what the outcome was for her grandmother. Diana smiled and said, "Eventually she was okay, and she was happy again."

I admire Diana's open mind and open heart. This was necessary to fully provide the help she needed in that session with me. Thanks to Grandmother Gracie, Diana had the emotional support and a real personal reminder of better days ahead. The Intuitive Counseling session went very well because Grandmother Gracie came to help me incorporate her message into my work with Diana.

Our loved ones can be there for us even when they have passed into to the spirit world. Love is always present as a bridge to connect with those who remind us we are loved.
(Verniece, Spiritual Psychic Medium, July, 2008)