#4a: Students Enrolled For Independent Study - One Hour "In-Person"

This is the first session with a student who intends to enroll in the program. This is one hour "in-person" with me to discuss program outline and answer student's questions about all aspects of the program and the various levels of development. 

At this first appointment, a program description will be given to the student. This will be discussed in the first appointment so the student may decide about enrollment. The student will be informally evaluated by me to assist the student in choosing the basic level of intuitive development or beginning a program in the first level for psychic development. 

The fees for these services for Independent Study are:

65.00 - One Hour "In-Person" Consultation - that would include:instruction,question/answer,feedback,student training in activities related to specific program selectioned for the student.

40.00 -One Hour Phone Consultation - pertaining to student assigments, required reading, question/answer,feedback, report by student to me of details and progress of field assigments for the program made by me for the student. And any other topic appropriate for phone consultations.

25.00 for 30 MINUTE PHONE CONSULTATION with Student that can be appropriately discussed by phone in that time frame for the student's program.

10.00 for E-mail consultation for correspondence with Student related to the student's program assigments, reports,questions/answers, feedback,etc. This fee is assuming it takes less than 15 minutes for me to properly address the student's e-mail inquiry or assistance. If the student is aware ahead of time that e-mail is not appropriate, the student should choose another way to communicate such as in-person or phone consultation.