#3b: Group Psychic Reading For 6-10 People In Weekend Retreat

This type of service requires an official "coordinator" who will represent the group attending the Weekend Retreat for a group psychic reading. The coordinator will make all the decisions with the group to select the specific location,seating arrangements,food service,lodging,etc. These expenses will be the responsibility of the group and the coordinator.

The specific group rates are listed below according to the number of individuals in a group retreat for my services at their Weekend Retreat. I will only work with a MAXIMUM of 20 individuals and a MINIMUM of three individuals in a group reading for the entire weekend retreat.

The coordinator of the group may meet with me to discuss all the services I offer on my web site. I am available to work with the group with any of the services I offer during that weekend retreat as long as these details have been discussed and arranged prior to the actual weekend retreat. I have to have time to plan the details of the services I will be conducting for the weekend.

When individuals of the group select ahead of time the services each is interested in, I can come prepared to provide those services I offer on my web site at the retreat. This would be any of my services considered part of the "psychic reading weekend retreat" that would be appropriate for group meetings.

If there is an individual private session that is requested, that individual would need to pay ahead of time online for their session and schedule that individual session with me so that it may be incorporated into the weekend schedule for the retreat.

Group rates are as follows: 680.00 PER PERSON for 3-5 people; 580.00 PER PERSON for 6-10 people; 480.00 PER PERSON for 11-15 people; 380.00 PER PERSON for 16-20 people.