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Mind-Body Energy Balancing

Energy going in or out of the chakras affects the nervous system, muscles, and the glands. A blocked chakra, or energy center, can create problems in all surrounding areas. With open and flowing chakras, one feels vibrant, radiant, and ready to embrace life fully.

With partially or completely blocked chakras, a person does not have full access to their energy, which leads to confusion, depression, or an off-centered feeling. Energies can become blocked by tightening muscles, poor posture, or holding back energy in the chakras, or energy centers, located throughout the body.

The following techniques are used for mind-body energy balancing:

  • Emotional Release - Through the applied use of gentle tapping or touch motion on the body energy centers and breath work with mental imaging, awareness is brought to the energy blockages and emotional pain is released. As negative thoughts and feelings come to the surface, the body energy begins to balance.
  • Eye Movement Technique to reduce stress - Reduce or remove negative thought patterns from the past and present life experiences.

  • Aura Soma Color Intuitive Reading  

  • Creative Writing - Assist Client in a creative writing session to form new positive affirmations for their personal use in daily life in their private meditations.