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Donna in Washington


Just wanted to let you know about your reading for me on January 11, 2013.

My house had burned to the ground in Missouri in January of 2012 and I had move to Washington in June of 2012. In January of 2013, I was considering how to replace old trailer with small new cottage. I told you I felt very detached from previous places and times, as though I was floating.

You told me this was a healthy sign that I was accepting and waiting for the next cycle. You also said I was moving forward but I was not yet ready to receive my next greatest good. And that this would be a totally new phase of life in which I would focus on self and who I really am and resume work I did in earlier years.

In December of last year, I started an animal energy healing and communications class with Lynn Mckenzie. I was given the information last June but only acted on it in December. It is so extraordinary… I feel so able to do this work, tapping into the Universal Light and Knowledge.

My totem animal who has come forward to help me with animal communication and healing is crocodile – quite an eye opener for me. Keeper of the ancient knowledge.

Lynn did attunements for each of us and the change in my pets has been so unusual since. One standoffish male cat who I could not even pet has begun sleeping next to me on the recliner every day.

And my feral black lab I have had for 7 years and who took me 6 months to pet and put on his collar suddenly a few weeks back found a ball in the yard and brought it to my feet, first time EVER. I felt he wanted to play fetch and threw it for him, and he brought it back many times until he was out of breath. He and I have repeated this game lots... I love that he wants to play with me, finally after all these years, and that I can rub his head.

I know that I am being healed and helped in my spiritual path by the animals as I learn to do healing with them. This is such a blessing. And you were right in 2013, I was not yet ready to receive my next greatest good. But I feel so strongly that I have received it now and it feels like it is the work I should be doing.

So thanks for your energy and communication for me way back in January, 2013. I am so appreciative of your loving help. Many blessings, Donna"

Donna, in Washington
March 2016