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Donna and Steve, Sulphur, Louisiana

My name is Donna and I live in Sulphur, Louisiana. My husband Steve and I were very fortunate enough to meet Verniece in our hometown. Unfortunately, for her, she was there due to the accidental death of her Son, Wesley.

Wesley was a co-worker of Steve's and I had also met him through my job at his credit union where I worked.

We had lost our Son, Matthew, on April 9, 2004. Wesley's funeral arrangements were being handled by the same funeral home that handled Matthew's arrangements. It was January 2005 that we met Wesley's Mother, Verniece, for the first time. We were not looking forward to returning to the funeral home but for some reason, we felt we had to go.

We introduced ourselves to Verniece at the funeral home and told her how we knew Wesley. She was having to handle the funeral arrangements and greet people that knew Wesley. Verniece lived in Arkansas at the time and had to travel to Sulphur, Louisiana to take care of her Son's funeral and burial there as he had lived there for many years.

We went into the chapel to view the video of Wesley's life and to pay our respects to him and his family. As we were leaving, we stopped by to speak with Verniece one last time. We had no idea of her 'special gifts' but after a short conversation with her, she had already sensed something was important about our meeting.

It turns out that Verniece knew that she was supposed to meet someone special that day and it turns out it was Steve and me. She had been getting intuitive messages from someone in the spirit world most of the day while at the funeral home. She had been trying to focus on the task at hand and stay centered enough to meet all the strangers who were there for her Son's funeral. She was trying to be Wesley's Mom. This was a woman whose heart had been broken beyond description!

But, after talking with us as we were about to leave, she couldn't deny who she was, "Our Angel Lady." That is a nickname given to her from people who know her best. We learned from Verniece that she was a Spiritual medium and she delivered messages of hope to loved ones in their time of grief. The person who had been trying to get through to us was our Son, Matt. He knew that Verniece could hear and see departed loved ones in the spirit world. And he was there at her Son's funeral because it was the way he could get to talk to us through her.

Imagine, we didn't have a clue who she was when we met her. And she didn't have a clue as to who we were. We had never met until now. But we were led to each other so that she could use her special gift during the most difficult time of her life. She was there to ease our pain. And ease it, she did!

Verniece didn't know that we had lost a son when she met us. Only after speaking with us for a few moments, that she was sensing that we had something in common. And it was then, she said, "we have something in common. You really do understand my pain, don't you? How did you lose your son?" The only thing we said then was that we lost him in an auto accident. It was what followed after this that made us realize just how special her gift was and how real it was!

It was then that Matt began speaking through Verniece. He began to tell us through her that he was so sorry for causing us so much pain. He was really worried about his Dad and about the heaviness in his chest. He wanted Steve to take care of himself. He said that Steve was not supposed to come and meet him until it was his time. He said that Steve was needed to be here to help take care of me. He said we would be together in God's timing. He said to me directly as Verniece looked at me, "You asked for this." This statement didn't make sense at the time until the next morning when I was going over the conversation with Verniece in my mind.

It was then it all became very clear again. I recall being at my son's casket, bending over, whispering my thoughts to his spirit, saying "I am going to need your help to get your dad through this, and if there is anything you can do to help me, please do it!" That was in April of 2004 and we met Verniece at her Son's funeral in January of 2005! What I was asking my Son's spirit to do was help me get his Dad through all the grief that was so deep for both of us. I couldn't do this alone.

As we talked with Verniece at the funeral home that day, she gave us very specific details of our son's accident that she could not have known. Our story is in her second book about visitations of the afterlife. The story is called "Message from Matt." The story goes into greater detail of our experience with her and Matt's messages to us.

She said "what about the 4-wheel drive white truck? He keeps saying something about this truck." Steve and I just looked at each other in shock! That was what Matt drove and was the truck he was in when he had his accident. We had not mentioned anything about this to her! She went on to say that he wanted us to know what happened. He never thought this would happen to him. He thought he was invincible in that truck and he was sorry for all the pain he caused us. He said he would be watching over us and the rest of the family. Verniece gave us other details about his accident that she could not have known. She even brought in the spirit of Steve's grandmother who mentioned blackberries. That started Steve telling Verniece all about his memories of the blackberries with his grandmother. She said that his son, Matt was with her and they were both just fine.

The only thing Steve and I could do was just sit there in awe and cry at what we were hearing and feeling. This was the best gift anyone could have given to us. It was so unexpected, and aren't those the best gifts of all?

We are so fortunate to have Verniece in our lives. We are both so sorry that we had to meet her the way we did, when she was in so much pain herself. But we both appreciate the love she has for her "gift" and that she chose to share it with us during the most difficult time in her life. But, she also understood how we felt when we connected with Matt that day. She was the answer to the prayer I had made in my thoughts to Matt at his funeral.