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Do You See Me?

In January 2021, I had a dental cleaning and a cavity filling. I chose to request the sedative through an oxygen mask to help me during the cleaning and the filling of the cavity. Dental work has always been stressful because my nerve endings are a challenge to numb properly.

Because I was in a relaxed state, I believe that is the reason I could easily sense the Holy Presence near me during dental cleaning. I was intuitively guided to have the hygienist pause so I could ask a question.

Here is the question: "Do you know anyone who is with a church that sends missionaries to other countries? Does the minister stay in touch with them?"

She replied quickly by saying her Dad is a minister. Yes the church supports the Christian ministry in other countries. She said he married two people who became Christian and they stay in touch. This married couple became doctors. They offer to pray with their patients during treatment or surgery.

On hearing this, I knew I had a message for her. I said these words: "I hope your Dad knows what a big difference directly and indirectly he is making in the lives of many people."

I was there for the dental cleaning so my message had to be short and very clear. I was never asked how I could know this. After I left the appointment I realized I was never asked "How can you know this?!"

In the past 30 years I've had the same experience of giving a message and the recipients not a word about "Who" is providing the accurate details and messages. I thought about this on my way to eat my evening meal in a nearby restaurant an hour later. It was obvious to me I had a divine Presence near me during the dental appointment. I could feel and hear the messages. When would anyone confirm they could feel or see this Presence, too?

Right before I was ready to leave my booth in the restaurant a family was walking out of the restaurant. The last one to walk past my booth was a middle aged man carrying a baby boy about six months old. The baby began to babble baby talk, squirm, and reach for me. The dad looked intently into my eyes and said: "He wants to meet you. I hope it's ok?" At that moment I felt goosebumps and great joy.

I stretched out my left hand to touch the baby's hand to thank him for stopping to meet me. He grabbed my left pointing finger. He had a very strong grip and held on for several minutes. He didn't want to let go. He was excited with a joyful expression on his face. He was trying so hard to "talk" to tell me something.

After the dad and baby left, I realized that my question was answered an hour after I had ask the divine presence who can see what is really there?

My awareness fills those of any age with a spirit of joy and love. Intuitiveness and curiosity can sense, see, hear and feel  that universal loving intelligence that is part of our human life experiences.

That joyful moment with the baby will remain a very sacred experience for me. A reminder next time that I want confirmation.

Verniece Wyles
Spiritual Intuitive Counselor
January, 2021