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Building A Bridge Over Troubled Water

In January 2005, my only son, Wesley, died in a car accident in Louisiana. Several years before his death, his intuitive abilities began to emerge. I worked with him, teaching him everything I could to help him develop his ability. Before his death, he was hearing Spirit messages and delivering these messages of hope to complete strangers. I was so happy that he took time in his busy work schedule in his own "real career" to record his experiences.

I never told him that 13 years before his death, I had a "waking vision" while I was driving home one afternoon. At the time, I lived in Arkansas, and he lived in Louisiana. I was so grateful that the full impact of the vision did not fully hit me until I could open my front door and fall on my knees in my living room.

I was crying and saying out loud to God: "I never got to say goodbye!". I had no idea it would be 13 years later before his death occurred, exactly the way I was shown in the vision. I never told him about this, and I have never regretted it.

I took the time I had to be with him to savor every moment and take a lot of photos of the family events we shared together. I was not shown, however, that he would have health issues and a divorce. The last four years of his life were extremely hard for him. He was paged one night to go back to his job to check on a job site. On his way home, he was killed in a car accident near where he lived in Louisiana.

Within a few hours of his death, he was communicating with me and a close friend of mine who is also intuitive. This is a long story, and I have written of this experience in a story I call "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

It was on Easter weekend, right after his death in January, that his best friend and I were having a memorial observance of my Son's life.  I told his friend, "I wish I could get a message in a dream while I sleep, so I will know for sure that he has visited me." If I had a vision while I was awake, I would always wonder if it was only my imagination since it was a personal experience with grief.

Around 8:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday, I woke with mixed feelings, but mostly I felt great inner peace; and yet mixed with sadness. Here is the dream I had. I believe I actually visited the spirit world with my son.

In my dream, a woman from the spirit world came to get me. She told me that since I was always giving messages to help others who were grieving, she and the others in the spirit world wanted to help me find my son, Wesley.

As I was following her along, it was as if I were "gliding along," and we approached some sort of gate or "portal."  This was opened, and we "floated through it." I saw my Son, and he saw me and instantly said: "Mother, what are you doing here? You are not supposed to be here!"  We hugged each other, and I was so happy to be holding my Son.

When we had his funeral, I was not able to say goodbye to him as his service had to be a closed casket.

Shortly after I got there, I felt this bright light pulling me backward. As I was floating backward, I saw my Son put his hand over his eyes as if to shield his eyes from the bright light.  As this was happening, I heard him say very passionately: "Mother, do not let go; I am building a bridge!"

I woke from that dream with the most peace of mind I had since his death three months before Easter.

The paranormal story I wrote about my experience with my Son's spirit within hours of his passing is called "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Bridges have been a big deal with me since my paranormal experience with my Son's passing.

I have had numerous intuitive experiences since his death that lead me to believe that he is truly "on the other side of the bridge," helping spirits over there connect with their loved ones on this side of the bridge, where I now work to help those grieving their own loss. I have so many experiences that tell me my Son is actually working with me.

It was meant to be that I had those last few years to help him develop his intuitive ability and for him to understand how to work that type of paranormal activity. Because I was able to do this with my Son, he is truly a "bridge builder" over troubled water. This would be the waves of emotional water that people go through when loved ones pass over to the "other side."

If you are reading this story, I look forward to being a Messenger of Hope and Love for you when you need it most.