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Basketball Player: Take Care Of Your Ankles!

A few days ago, I was in a business meeting with a woman that I had just met. After we had concluded the business aspect of the meeting, we were talking about life in general. In order to protect the privacy of others involved in this story, I am not using the real names of those involved.

Cindy was sharing about her life with her daughters and her husband.

As she was sharing about her youngest daughter, I began hearing information from Spirit that I sensed might be related to Cindy or her youngest daughter. I asked Cindy if she or the family knew someone who played basketball. This was actually information about a female basketball player.

At the moment, Cindy was thinking it might be a friend of her daughter. She said she would think about it and get back with me when she had more information. I told Cindy if she found this female basketball player, please tell her it is important for her to protect her ankles when playing basketball. I said the suggestion from Spirit is to be sure to wear braces on the ankles when playing basketball.

About two days later I received an email from Cindy with some very accurate and startling information.

Cindy told me that she first thought to call her daughter right away about her daughter's friend. Before Cindy could act on that thought, Cindy had a compelling urge to call one of her own friends.

Cindy left a voice mail message with the information I had given Cindy at our meeting. I will call her friend "Karen". 

Here is the story about taking care of the ankles as Cindy told it to me about her friend, Karen. Cindy said that Karen called her back in about 15 minutes about the voice mail message.

Karen was amazed at the information that Cindy gave her. She said all of it was accurate! Karen had been watching her 12-year-old daughter play basketball. She had a strong urge to get braces for her daughter to wear on her ankles.

Even though her daughter had never been hurt while playing, Karen still felt compelled to get the coach to order the braces. She told Cindy that the braces have not come in yet. It was amazing that Karen had already ordered the braces when she received the voice mail message from Cindy. I received this information from Spirit even though I did not know Karen or her daughter.

Karen urged the coach to order the braces even though Karen sensed the coach might have thought she was over re-acting to the situation. She wanted to protect her daughter and her daughter's future. The college recruiters are already watching her as she has great potential.

I think the message in this real life experience is for each of us to follow that "intuition, gut feeling, or compelling urge" to take specific action. Many times we will know later why we had thoughts and urges to act on something that might be very important and helpful to others.

As you read this true story, see how many people have been informed and protected because step by step each of us acted upon our individual intuition to make this happen.

So, I am THANKFUL to Spirit for giving me the information. I am GRATEFUL that I could be one of the messengers for Karen. I RESPECT Cindy for taking the chance to share this information that may have seemed very weird since she just met me. 

As you read this story, you may be wondering: "why didn't Spirit just give you the name of the person to receive this message". 

Of course, I can't know for sure, but it could be that this was an opportunity for Cindy to TRUST her own inner guidance with this information to find the right person. This experience with Spirit was helping me, Cindy, and Karen to deepen our trust in following our individual intuition. And, as individuals read this story, it helps each of them do the same.

And, I ADMIRE Karen, whom I have never met, for doing what is right for her daughter. She is listening to her own gut feeling or intuition even when other opinions may try to discount or ignore her thoughts and feelings on protecting her daughter.

Let each of us follow that intuition in our daily life as it is a GIFT of our CREATOR for our Well-being and success in life.

This is a wonderful example of Spirit's encouragement and confirmation for a mother who is using her intuition to help her daughter as she is in the process of developing into a successful young woman! 
{Verniece, May 2008}