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Barbara Rose, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

"I have known Verniece Wyles for the past seven years. We met at the Cherokee Store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

A few years passed, and one day she appeared in the store again with a spirit message for me. With her description of the Spirit who visited her the previous night, we finally realized it was a message to me from my father who had passed into the spirit world for over twenty years. You can read this story in her book entitled, In My Father's is called "Where's My Pants?" You will enjoy it.

After this visit, I was led to work 1:1 with Verniece and she located a blockage in me by "Reading" my body that was seriously impeding my emotional well-being and my spiritual growth.

My life has rapidly taken off in new directions and I now know that I am one with Spirit and with All That Is. I know that we are all healers with special abilities and gifts. I know that I am, and we are, all eternal. Death is just another step on the Soul's journey back into Oneness.

I am very fortunate to be able to maintain contact with Verniece, The Angel Lady. When she speaks, I listen. Her presence on earth in this time of great change and upheaval is a gift from the Creator of us all.

She is helping us all to help ourselves and others in our life as we bless the Earth, the world, the universe, and to see that which is Real."