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Airport Chance Encounter

On Thanksgiving Day, 2013, I was at the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Sedona. As I was walking the Delta terminal, a young man who had similar features as my Son, Wesley, walked right across my path. This happened so fast! He just seemed to disappear in a flash. No way I could not notice him. My Son died January 2005 in Louisiana in car crash. This time of year, I really miss him.

I was so startled when I saw only three CAPITOL letters on top left front of his plain white tee shirt! The Capitol letters: "WWP"... I had a few minutes to reflect on the encounter after boarding the plane, waiting for the rest of passengers to board.

First of all, I wasn't sad this time. I found myself smiling at what are the odds that could happen? Then, of course, I realized I missed him so much, but no tears this time. And when I arrived in Sedona early evening on Thanksgiving, the restaurant in the hotel had chosen to stay open and serve the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

I was alone and tired from a long day of traveling, now sitting in a crowded restaurant. BUT I felt quite content to enjoy my meal, remembering all the Thanksgivings I was blessed to share with my Son. And I had so many good memories.

These are my Son's initial, first, middle, and last name. Some of his friends used to call him "WWP". In 1991 I moved to Arkansas and changed my driver's license to my maiden name since I was divorced from his father in the 1970's. I don't have much of a record of family genealogy and "Wyles" is a name seldom seen in my travels. I wanted to reclaim my birth name.

My Son and his two sons used to drive about 13 hours to visit me when I lived in Arkansas for Thanksgiving. I took a lot of holiday photos of those times.

I told my daughter about my experience. She said we should accept this as a sign Wesley is showing me he is still visiting me on Thanksgiving. I feel comfort in chance encounters such as this that reminds me he is with me.

I shared this experience with friends. One of those friends sent a reply telling me as I sent the email about my chance encounter to her, she was reading a book that was describing exacting what I had experienced at the airport. This is the title of that book: "The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity"

And about two days later, I was standing at the hotel spa reception desk chatting with the female employee about this airport encounter. Through tears in her eyes, she told she was reading a book that described my experience as a synchronicity. She opened a closet door behind her to get the book, while telling me I could borrow it to read if I wanted it.

When I was able to see the book cover, I began laughing out loud. I told her a friend who lives in Washington State was telling me about the same book! I had already ordered it as a Kindle book. It was in my iPad library. So much synchronicity! While I was having the airport encounter, a woman in Washington State and Sedona, Arizona were reading the same book about synchronicity! And I was an example of synchronicity being explained in the book that both women were reading at the same time I was in the airport.

To each of you reading this.... hug your loved ones a little tighter; tell them how much you love them. Time we have is so precious.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Psychic Medium