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A Warning for a Friend

On a Thursday evening I was having a relaxing meal with a close friend at a favorite restaurant in my area. Most of the time we were laughing and enjoying our visit. 

Then, the conversation led her into sharing about a recent unfriendly, heated conversation she found herself caught in the middle of between two male persons that are in her life. I felt a premonition coming on. I shared with her what I was hearing from Spirit regarding the future actions of these two men. It was a very serious warning to her.

I know that I was very firm on what I told her. I reminded her to be sure and remember what I warned her about because she could be caught up in the middle of the conflict since she was trying to help the situation. Someone could be seriously injured with a weapon.

Today is Wednesday and almost to the very day a week ago, I learn that EVERYTHING in the details in this warning I gave her has happened. Thank goodness no one was seriously hurt. But, changes had been made and preventative measures taken by her since we met to make sure that she is safe and the two people involved are no longer in the same space.

In sharing some of my paranormal stories, I leave out specific details in order to protect the privacy of those involved.

I felt compelled to call and check on her today. I learned that as we were talking on the phone, one of the two people involved were actually in her driveway to relocate their personal items with family in another state. The other person who had been in the confrontation was already inside the house when the other person was in the driveway.

The warning I gave her ahead of time, allowed her to take specific measures to dispose of potential threat of fire arms in the area that could be used as a weapon when these two people were in a heated argument. 

Both of these men were so angry they had been looking for their personally owned firearms. Now, today, the situation has been resolved and so far, no one has been harmed.

A warning only works when the people who are informed take that advice and follow through ahead of time with preventative measures. If an angry person cannot find their gun or ammunition, it gives them time to "cool off" and "just walk away". When a person is more calm, they have a chance to realize they have other options. (Verniece, February, 2008)