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A Military Ball

On Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 2:30pm, I was in the Vet's office getting a routine exam for my Cockapoo, Rusty.

At the very end of the appointment, I'm hearing a voice-thought to ask if she has daughters. And, I was asking "did one of them recently dress up fancy for a prom or special event?"

She smiled and said she was blessed with all boys. As I left the building, I realized she had already told me that last year when we were visiting after a checkup for Rusty.

At that moment, I realized when I was in the Vet's office I had a female spirit whispering in my ear! Sometimes I get so caught up living my own life, I don't always notice right away that I have an invisible visitor near me. I thought to myself: "I wonder who this message is for since it wasn't for the Vet?"

Once I had the entire story on Thursday the 29th, I called the Vet to tell her while I was there a Spirit of a very loving mother of two daughters was trying to get my attention. I found out later this Spirit loved animals and she was in the Vet office talking to me. The Vet is a big fan of paranormal stories.

The story continues. On Thursday, May 29th at 1:30pm, I'm receiving a phone call. I usually let my calls go to voicemail on phone numbers I don't recognize because I'd be on the phone a lot more if I didn't.  The phone calls for Reading appointments, I return all at one time when I check my messages.

I didn't recognize the phone number on display on my phone.  I had an actual voice-thought, "You should answer this." At first, while listening to the female caller, I thought it was the typical information I would give to a new client about my services.

Then, suddenly I realized this had to be about my experience in the Vet's office. First, I explained the basics of my philosophy about paranormal encounters. Then, I included an example of the experience in the Vet's office. She was crying when I mentioned the information, "dress up for a fancy prom or party." Because she recently did that.

She said she didn't have much personal experience with the paranormal but was very open to understanding it. She called me because someone who used my services shared that experience with her. She was encouraged to contact me since she felt sad about her mother. And the anniversary of her death, the 29th, compelled her to call me on that day.

Together, with my details to her, and her details about why she called me, the connection was made. YAHOO! This was great!

Here is the whole story: On the 29th when the young woman called me, she said she had a very strong inner nudge to call me that day. Her mother passed away three years ago on the 29th! I could already see the young woman was very intuitive. She said she had been sensing her mother's presence. She had the courage to follow through and talk with me.

Recently, she had been missing her mother so much, feeling sad, while getting all dressed up to attend a fancy Military Ball with her husband. She was sad because he would be returning to overseas duty soon. It's a time like this, she missed her mother not having her love and nurturing to lean on.

This young woman confirmed she recently dressed up for a fancy ball. I told her that her mother arranged all this so the young woman could know she did feel her mother's presence around her.

She was with her at the Military Ball. She was with her urging her to call me on the anniversary of her death, the 29th, just two days after I received the message in the Vet's office. Notice the timing was 2:30pm on the 27th and 1:30pm on the 29th. We know these two events timed perfectly were meant for this young woman.

This is such a comfort realizing her mother, in Spirit, was still being a mother for her. When the young woman talked with me, she realized her mother was there comforting her through the loss and changes in her life. I encouraged the young woman to continue talking to her mother because, truly, she is there for her!

I'm sharing this story because so many women who lost a mother will feel comforted in knowing a mother's love is forever. Love reaches out to touch the daughters longing for mother again.

Verniece Wyles, Spiritual Intuitive Counselor